Many Warzone and MW3 players have found that their accounts are now in a state of limited matchmaking, changing what lobbies the game sorts them into!

A number of Call of Duty fans have noticed that Activision has put them under limited matchmaking when looking at the Ban Appeal section of the Activision Support website.

The reason behind limiting the matchmaking of players is “a potential violation”. This means that the publisher believes they are cheating or using third-party software to get an advantage in-game.

But what does limited matchmaking mean, and how long does it last?

Is Limited Matchmaking a Shadowban?

Limited matchmaking in Call of Duty titles is the same as a shadowban. You will only be put into lobbies with other players who have limited matchmaking, meaning you are likely to come across cheaters in your games.

Additionally, when you have limited matchmaking, it will take much longer to find a game, and your ping will be considerably worse most of the time.

Limited Matchmaking MW3 Warzone

This is a much softer punishment than a permanent ban and is often used for first-time or less severe hackers or in cases where Activision is not certain of cheating.

If you think you are in a state of limited matchmaking, we’ve got just the thing. Here’s how to find out if you’re shadowbanned in MW3 and Warzone.

How Long Does Limited Matchmaking Last?

Limited matchmaking does not last for a set amount of time. Activision states that it is “unable to inform you when the account will leave a limited matchmaking state”.

Additionally, it cannot be appealed, so you will just have to wait to get back to standard matchmaking.

Warzone Train, Helicopter and ATV

However, shadowbans usually last between 1 and 2 weeks. This means that your limited matchmaking in MW3 and Warzone shouldn’t last more than 14 days.

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