A new update to Warzone and MW3’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system has finally banned the software that lets mouse and keyboard players get aim assist!

Call of Duty players are constantly arguing about whether controller or mouse and keyboard is better, with each having advantages. Controller users have very strong Aim Assist, which helps players lock on to targets, while aiming with a mouse has pinpoint accuracy for skilled players.

However, PC software that allows players to use Aim Assist when playing on mouse and keyboard gives Call of Duty players an unfair advantage. After all, it has the best of both worlds!

This software has been on the rise in recent weeks and has been taking over Warzone in particular. However, Aim Assist on mouse and keyboard should be left in the past, thanks to a new RICOCHET anti-cheat update!

Warzone Shooting on Zipline

Activision Bans Mouse & Keyboard Aim Assist Software

A new RICOCHET Anti-Cheat update for Warzone and MW3 has banned the use of software that allows mouse and keyboard players to use aim assist.

If RICOCHET detects players using any program that allows this, such as reWASD, then Call of Duty will close.

While it won’t immediately ban players using mouse and keyboard Aim Assist, repeat offences could lead to further account action. Therefore, any cheaters who repeatedly try to use Aim Assist on mouse and keyboard will be banned!

Hopefully, this anti-cheat update entirely removes players from using Aim Assist on mouse and keyboard in Warzone and MW3. It may take a while to detect everyone using this cheat software, but it should make the games much fairer!

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