Is the new collaboration with The Boys bringing a Pay to Win Black Noir skin to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2? The players certainly think so.

After much teasing around the launch of Season 4, it’s finally time for The Boys collab to arrive in Call of Duty.

For those who missed the news, iconic members of The Seven: Starlight, Homelander, and Black Noir, are arriving in Warzone & MW2 imminently. But it’s the final Vought superhero that’s giving players cause for concern.

‘Pay to Win’ Black Noir Skin Coming to Call of Duty Warzone & MW2

A new collaboration with Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ is arriving in Warzone, and players have already decided that the Black Noir skin will be Pay to Win.

It’s clear why fans are worried about the upcoming cosmetic, which is completely jet-black from head to toe. The Vought superhero and member of The Seven is known for his stealth skills, as well as his complete and utter silence, after all.

The Boys Black Noir Skin in Warzone

But with Warzone having run-ins with dark skins in the past (such as the infamous Roze or even the LA Thieves CDL skin), some COD fans aren’t happy with how the Operator is looking.

Here’s how to get Black Noir skin in Warzone and MW2, as well as fellow Supes Starlight and Homelander!

“This is even worse than Roze Skin,” Reddit user NickyGi writes, a sentiment that many players seem to agree with.

“Calling it now: they’ll sell the skin for two weeks baiting people into buying it, then hotfixing it a few weeks later to make it more visible,” exfunperson26 predicts.

This certainly was the case with the LA Thieves skin which added bright red accessories to the all-black outfit. And even the infamous Roze eventually got a rework to make the cosmetic lighter, and more visible.

Will Black Noir Be Pay to Win in Warzone & MW2

Will Black Noir Be Pay to Win in Warzone & MW2?

But not every Warzone player believes that Black Noir will be Pay to Win. In fact, some users think that skins capable of hiding in the darkness are a thing of the past on Warzone’s current maps.

“Alex has had an all black skin in the store for a month now and I’ve seen like two people actually using it. You cry babies love to whine over everything you possibly can,” Electric-Lettuce retorts.

Alex Warrior Skin in Warzone

It’s true that the Alex Operator Bundle recently gave players access to an all-black skin ‘Warrior’ for 2000 COD Points. And while some fans no doubt got upset about that addition, it doesn’t appear to have caused too many issues.

After all, both Al Mazrah and Warzone 2’s new resurgence maps do appear to have far better lighting than Verdansk and Caldera. And with better balance of lighting comes fewer dark corners for all black skins to hide in.

With that in mind, maybe Black Noir won’t be the Pay to Win mess that many Warzone fans are fearing. But we do expect that a large number of so-called ‘sweaty’ players will still be making it their operator of choice.

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