The latest patch update for Warzone and MW2 Season 5 is bringing major changes to movement by adding buffs to both sliding and jumping.

Players have constantly criticized the movement mechanics of Modern Warfare since its release. This is mainly because they felt it slowed down the game considerably compared to past Call of Duty titles.

It led to the skill gap between players coming down to their loadout more than their in-game skills. Many felt this was one of the biggest reasons that engagements weren’t as high-octane as they’d like.

However, these latest updates to the MW2 and Warzone movement are looking to increase the pace of the gun fights and bring the intensity to Season 5.

Warzone & MW2 Season 5 Movement Changes

Warzone and MW2 Season 5 movement changes will increase the speed of sliding and jumping while allowing players to perform actions after movement more quickly.

Here are the exact movement changes that are coming with Season 5, according to the latest developer patch notes:

  • Slide Changes
    • The time slide is decreased, and the velocity is increased. This means players can travel the same distances as before but a lot faster.
    • Players can start firing their weapon more quickly after initiating a slide.
  • Jump Changes
    • Increase the speed at which players jump.
    • Reduction to the movement penalty given to players when they are landing.

These buffs are important because player movement is one of the most important aspects of Call of Duty. This mechanic alone adds a high skill level to engagements and helps highlight the best COD players.

It looks like players will have more control over their actions directly after using a movement technique. This means that after jumping, players can initiate their next action more quickly than before.

In theory, this should definitely boost the intensity of the gunfights around all modes since it increases the actions players can take and the speed that they take them with.

These Warzone and MW2 movement changes also don’t punish players as harshly for trying to implement movement techniques in the middle of a gunfight.

With rumors that slide canceling will return with MW3, it makes sense for MW2 to take this approach and ease players into faster gunfights.