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Crazy Warzone Music Glitch Plays Non-stop War Tracks

Unless we’ve missed a tactical iPod being added into Warzone, this non-stop music must be a glitch.

War Tracks were a popular addition to Call of Duty. These are songs that play while in a vehicle and add a bit of fun to driving around Verdansk.

The songs range from classic menu music from past Call of Duty titles to ’80s pop songs and some can be unlocked in the Battle Pass. Be sure to level up and unlock the War Track packs before Season 2 begins and introduces a whole new Battle Pass.

However, this player was left with music playing in his ears even after he left his vehicle. Even worse, it was Skrillex.

warzone helicopter catch

War Tracks Playing on Foot?

This Warzone player was unfortunately left with an extremely annoying music glitch. The no-so-soothing sound of Skrillex destroyed his eardrums as he ran around Verdansk.

While War Tracks are fun while driving a vehicle in Warzone, they can be a major hindrance when on foot. They would stop players from hearing footsteps or working out what direction gunfire was coming from.

Hearing footsteps is more important than ever in Warzone because many players are using a near-invisible pay-to-win skin.

Other replies in the Reddit thread show that this music glitch has happened to other Warzone players too. However, there are a couple of easy fixes.

ThePartsGuy Reddit

How To Fix Non-Stop Music Glitch

If this happens to you, don’t worry. There are two ways to fix this non-stop music glitch in Warzone.

Firstly, you can simply get into another vehicle and manually turn off the music. This is the easiest method but might not be possible if there are no cars nearby.

Alternatively, players can go into the settings from the pause menu to disable it. Within the audio settings, players can turn down the volume of ‘War Tracks’ to 0.

Warzone players are having to deal with more than just a music glitch at the moment. It seems like Warzone hackers are more common than ever.

Luckily, there are heroes out there to save Warzone from cheaters. Watch this amazing video of a player getting revenge on a squad of aimbotters.

Meanwhile, angry Warzone players have been asking for the old Gulag back. As much as Call of Duty fans love Nuketown, they think it makes for an unfair Gulag.

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