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Warzone Most Wins Leaderboard is Full of Hackers & Cheaters

Even the most wins leaderboard in Warzone isn’t safe from the ridiculous amount of hackers and cheaters in the game.

Warzone, like every Battle Royale game, is all about being the last squad standing. It’s always difficult to come out with a victory with dozens of other teams after exactly the same thing.

Therefore, many players take a lot of pride in their position on the global leaderboard for Warzone wins. Although, even the leaderboard in Warzone isn’t fair.

Not only have Warzone cheaters now spread to PlayStation and Xbox, but they have also taken over the leaderboard in the game.

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Warzone’s All-Time Wins Leaderboard Has Been Hacked

Despite Raven Software stepping up the Warzone anti-cheat efforts, hackers are still rampant in Warzone. Whether it’s teleporting Warzone speed hacks or even a deadly flying dirt bike in Verdansk, cheaters seem to be able to do anything.

Unfortunately for all the grinders, hackers have also spread to the game’s leaderboards. This is despite the worst Warzone cheaters now getting hardware bans.

A new tweet from top Warzone player @OPMarked has revealed how bad the hacking in the Warzone leaderboards really is. He claims that there are “only 3 legit players in the top 20” leaderboard for wins.


While this can’t be verified, at least half of the leaderboard seems to be obvious hackers. This is a major problem for players like OPMarked who want to get to the very top of the charts.

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Hopefully Warzone developer Raven Software sees all of the hackers and cheaters on the leaderboard and tries to fix it. However, this may be more difficult than it seems.

Maybe the best way to fix this would to be to introduce a new leaderboard soon. The perfect time for this would be alongside the new Pacific Warzone map that has improved anti-cheat.

In other Warzone news, there have been some huge changes to Iron Trials ’84 in the latest update. Will the players still love the new game mode?

Also, one of the best ways to identify Warzone hackers and cheaters is by looking at their stats. Check out this new Warzone stats tracking app.

Finally, there’s another huge problem in the game. Warzone players are still suffering from lag and high ping in Season 5 Reloaded.

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