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Warzone’s Most Popular Meta Weapon in Year 1 Revealed

We’re now a whole year into Warzone’s lifespan, and new statistics are revealing the game’s most popular meta weapon in Year 1.

Warzone has been around for a full year now, and it’s fair to say that the meta has changed a bit over time. As more additions joined the Warzone roster, and balance patches changed the meta, new guns became the ones to watch.

And as the months went on, the Warzone meta revolved around a series of popular guns, each one more devastating than the last. Right now there are a few weapons fighting for dominance in Activision’s battle royale.

Warzone Season 2
(Source: Activision)

However, we weren’t always quite so lucky when it came to weapon variance. Thankfully, Warzone players have always found ways to counter the meta.

Thanks to a new report by statistics site WZRanked, we can see just how the meta has changed over time in the Warzone’s battle royale.

When the game came out, almost one year ago to this day, it seems that the M4A1 was a dominant meta. Thanks to the overall reliability and firepower of the Assault Rifle, the M4A1 meta continued for around 2 months.

But after that, the weapon was overtaken by the Grau 5.56. Again, the Grau meta lasted for around 2 months time, and the weapon was more popular by far.

grau 5.56 Warzone Meta
(Source: Activision)

After the Grau, the MP5 meta reigned supreme in Warzone, although not quite as dominantly. Shortly after Warzone Season 6’s release, however, the MP5 meta gave way to the Kilo 141.

This was, believe it on not, Warzone’s most long-reigning meta, lasting until shortly after the Black Ops Cold War integration. Here, of course, there were a few over Warzone’s most overpowered weapons.

And for around a month and a half, Warzone’s DMR 14 controlled the game’s meta. In fact, before the DMR nerf, the gun became the most popular gun of all time, in terms of overall server usage.

After that, the MAC-10 became the gun to watch, up until this month. Now, the meta is split between Warzone’s best sniper in Season 2 and the FFAR 1.

Mac-10 Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Already, fans are calling for a FFAR nerf in Warzone, despite the weapon not being as long-lived as other metas.

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However, from WZRanked‘s graph, it’s very clear that the FFAR is enjoying a similar level of usage to some of Warzone’s most popular weapon metas already.

For a while recently, Warzone’s weapon balancing was the best it had been in a long time. Players were enjoying being able to use any gun, regardless of its ranking.

However, this soon led to an overpowered AUG meta that drove Warzone players mad. Who knows what will be next with Activision’s battle royale?

We reckon that the AK-47 deserves a spot in the Warzone meta, as it’s incredibly powerful in Season 2.

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