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Warzone’s Most Broken Gun in Season 2 Revealed By NICKMERCS

When there are dozens of weapon options, and thousands of loadout combinations in Season 2, Warzone is always going to have a broken gun or two. Here's NICKMERCS' pick for Warzone's best weapon:

Since the addition of Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone, maintaining balance has been a nightmare for Raven Software. Or at least, we assume it has, going by just how broken certain guns have been in the past.

If you're a Warzone fan, you'll definitely remember the most broken gun in Warzone Season 1. It probably still gives you nightmares to this day.

But now, something almost as powerful is surfacing in the Warzone meta, and we've seen it coming a mile away. We're talking, of course, about the AUG Tactical Rifle.

aug warzone most broken gun
(Source: Activision)

Currently, Warzone players hate the AUG meta, as everyone begins to learn just how broken the weapon can be. And now with NICKMERCS labeling the AUG as Warzone's most broken gun, there will only be more users picking it up.

However, there's an even more powerful Warzone gun releasing soon!

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The Cold War AUG is Warzone's Most Broken Gun

In his latest upload, NICKMERCS confirms that the Cold War AUG is Warzone's most broken gun.

This should come as no shock to players, especially given the huge problem with Cold War guns in Warzone right now.

According to NICKMERCS, the AUG was always a decent gun, but a recent buff took it up to the top spot.

"This is definitely the strongest burst gun in the game," confirms the Warzone pro.

NICKMERCS Warzone AUG Broken Gun

However, the AUG does have one drawback in that it has 'crazy' damage falloff at extended range. This tends to be an issue with all burst-fire weapons.

The AUG at close and medium range though is still Warzone's most broken gun. Thanks to a recent secret buff to the Agency Suppressor, the AUG is now overpowered.

Want to try out the weapon for yourself? Here's the best AUG loadout in Warzone Season 2!

Recently, NICKMERCS was part of an incredible Warzone win without using any guns whatsoever.

This was a great way to say goodbye to Verdansk, as a new Warzone leaker reveals that the map will never return once gone. We've only got days left until the nuke drops on Warzone, after all.

But before that, it looks like we're getting a Warzone Plague Mode that features Zombies roaming the map.

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