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Warzone Operation Monarch: When Do King Kong and Mechagodzilla Skin Bundles Release?

Warzone Operation Monarch is coming up, but when do the King Kong and Mechagodzilla Skins release?

With Season 3 of Warzone underway, players are eager to experience the Operation Monarch event when it arrives on May 11.

We’ve heard what will happen during the event, with Operators able to control Kong and Godzilla during the limited-time collaboration.

Alongside the event are some collaborative skins. We’ve already got one, Godzilla, which fans of Warzone are disappointed with.

However, two Operation Monarch skins are still set to release; Mechagodzilla and King Kong. So, when will these skin bundles drop into Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone Mechagodzilla and Kong Skins Release Date

Mechagodzilla and Kong Skins in Warzone – Release Date

The Mechagodzilla and King Kong skin bundles will be released alongside the Operation Monarch event.

The Call of Duty official Twitter recently posted a tweet, asking players to decide between Team Godzilla and Team Kong. The winning side of the poll would mean the release of either side’s skin bundles earlier than the event.

Of course, we know the winner was Godzilla now, with his skin already releasing. But in that same tweet, Call of Duty stated “The winning team will unlock their bundle early before #OperationMonarch begins”.

This would make the beginning of the Operation Monarch event a very likely release date for the remaining skin bundles.

UPDATE: All 3 Monsterverse skins are now available in Warzone!

Obviously, while it’s highly likely Operation Monarch will see the release of the Mechagodzilla and Kong skins, Activision could change this at any time.

Godzilla Warzone Skin

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