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Warzone: Do Modern Warfare Weapons Have Better Aim Assist Than Black Ops Cold War Guns?

A new video is surfacing online that appears to show Modern Warfare weapons having better aim assist in Warzone than Black Ops Cold War guns.

Aim assist in Call of Duty titles is the cause of a fair amount of complaints. A controller-exclusive feature, the function helps players out by adjusting their aim slightly when an enemy is detected.

Effectively, aim assist will slow a user’s curser, and guide it slightly towards an opponent. In this way, players get compensation for using a controller, instead of the more accurate mouse control method.

That said, there are far more advantages that Warzone PC players get over console users.

(Source: Activision)

But while players on PC like to complain about aim assist helping controller players too much, there’s a new issue going around. Some users believe that Modern Warfare weapons could actually have stronger aim assist than Cold War guns in Warzone.

And, speaking of aim assist, a literal aimbot may be on the way as The Terminator could be coming to Warzone!

Aim Assist Difference on Modern Warfare vs Black Ops Cold War Guns

Is there an aim assist difference when it comes to using Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War guns? We now know the answer to this troubling new question.

Players began to question whether Modern Warfare weapons have better aim assist than their Cold War counterparts when TeeP posted some footage on Twitter. The Call of Duty champion turned content creator reveals that the Modern Warfare MP5 appears to slow down more when passing over enemies than the Cold War MP5.

With this suspicious footage in mind, players began to speculate that perhaps all Cold War guns have weaker assistance than Modern Warfare weapons. And there’s only one man capable of the careful analysis required to find the truth.

As usual, the Call of Duty community turns to JGOD, Warzone analyst, in their time of need. And it didn’t take long for the user to get to the root of the issue.

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The strange difference in speeds when aiming over an enemy actually comes from the difference in zoom between the weapons. After all, Cold War and Modern Warfare guns actually behave slightly differently when ADS – it’s this behavior that makes these Cold War optics so overpowered!

As it turns out, both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War MP5s have the exact same aim assist. This is likely the case for all the other weapons too.

There’s a reason we trust JGOD, who recently gave us his best classes for the new Warzone Season 3 SMG meta!

Right now Warzone is teasing this iconic Die Hard Operator coming soon to the in-game store! And there’s another 1980s action hero joining the fight in Warzone too!

But on top of that, Warzone has a mysterious statue waiting to be unveiled in its newest update.

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