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Raven Software Provides Update on Warzone’s Modern Warfare Double XP Tokens

Previously, Activision removed Modern Warfare’s Double XP tokens from Warzone, causing massive outrage in the game’s community. Now, it looks like these consumable items are returning.

Recently, players logged on following Warzone’s merge with Cold War to discover that their hard-earned Double XP tokens were missing. Due to Cold War having its own XP boosts, Activision appears to have set all previous tokens to disappear in the battle royale.

This was the cause of a large backlash in the Modern Warfare community. Many members claim that the tokens were their property, earned through paying for the game’s many Battle Passes.

Double XP Token Modern Warfare Warzone
(Source: Activision)

To have these tokens removed was just one more kick in the teeth for a community that already feels second to the Black Ops Cold War player base. What’s more, a lot of users were saving the tokens to use when the Cold War guns released in Warzone.

Logging in to find that all consumable tokens were missing, fans protested the unfair nature of this removal. And it appears that someone was listening.

Modern Warfare Double XP Tokens Work in Warzone Again

According to a new tweet by Warzone developers Raven Software, Modern Warfare Double XP tokens will work in the battle royal again.

Despite previously disappearing, a new Warzone patch will reportedly bring back all ‘Legacy’ tokens once more. These tokens will only be usable in Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Warzone, just like before the disappearance.

In a similar manner, all tokens earned in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 1 will not be usable in Modern Warfare. Legacy tokens will be used up before new Double XP bonuses, so Modern Warfare fans should take advantage of these while they can.

In a recent announcement by Raven Software, the developer touches on some upcoming changes to Warzone. Amongst these patch notes, Raven Software details how the new Double XP token system will work going forward.

It seems that the voice of the people has been heard this time around. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on the results of the recent Black Ops Cold War SBMM protest.

Right now, Warzone players can enjoy Double XP for Christmas, along with Black Ops Cold War owners. Modern Warfare players, however, are out of luck.

But it’s tough to enjoy the battle royale now as the game-breaking infinite Stim exploit is back in Warzone again. And with Warzone’s finale cutscene teasing Modern Warfare 2, we might not have to wait long until fans get the sequel they deserve.

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