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Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha Invites Being Sent Out

Warzone Mobile Project Aurora is reportedly sending out invitations for its upcoming Closed Alpha test.

Activision is developing this new Call of Duty experience specifically for mobile devices. It was first revealed by a job listing posted on the Activision website.

Activision recently confirmed Call of Duty Warzone Mobile as Project Aurora. Since then, not much else has been made public, but that may change very soon.

With this Project Aurora Closed Alpha test, players will finally be able to get their hands on it for the first.

There are rumors that Warzone Mobile will feature a new version of Verdnask and Rebirth when it becomes fully available on mobile devices.

Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha

Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha Details

Invitations for Project Aurora’s upcoming June Closed Alpha have been sent out via email to a few lucky players.

There are a few essential details that players should note about this upcoming Closed Alpha. Activision is restricting the Closed Alpha to those who received an invitation from them, and there is unfortunately no way to sign up currently.

Only small parts of Warzone Mobile will be available in the Closed Alpha. Project Aurora will be receiving updates throughout the duration of the closed alpha. Players who participate in the Closed Alpha will not be able to disclose any information to others.

But to participate in the Closed Alpha, your device will need to meet the minimum requirements.

The list of compatible IOS devices includes:

  • iPhone 12 Pro & Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro & Max

The list of compatible Android devices includes:

  • Samsung S20
  • Samsung S21

Activision has stated that the content in this Closed Alpha is not final and that it is more to access how a battle royale-style game would perform on mobile devices.

Furthermore, this isn’t Call of Duty’s first time developing a mobile game. COD Mobile is about to begin Season 5.

But if it’s any indication of what’s to come, we can expect a healthy influx of content for Project Aurora.

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