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Warzone Mobile Is Codenamed Project Aurora – Closed Alpha Details & More

Activision has confirmed it codenamed the rumored Warzone Mobile Project Aurora and dropped some details about its Closed Alpha.

This year thrived in rumors surrounding what the leaks have determined to be Warzone Mobile.

Thus far, the rumors have been so loud that it was almost a given that the game was in development. Not long ago, an internal job listing also confirmed the game existed.

After a long wait, Activision has finally addressed the existence of this title. In addition to that, the publisher also revealed some exciting details about the state of the game and its closed alpha.

This is everything there is to know about Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha!

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Project Aurora – All Closed Alpha Details

Activision confirmed that its mobile Battle Royale title, rumored to be named Warzone Mobile, is officially codenamed Project Aurora.

Additionally, the publisher stated a closed alpha for Project Aurora is coming soon.

These are all the important details you need to know about Warzone Mobile Project Aurora closed alpha:

  • Participants of the closed alpha will not be able to share information on the game publicly
  • Activision confirmed the closed alpha is invitation only, and there is no sign-up available for the time being
  • The developer intends to slowly expand the alpha to more players
  • Activision planned the closed alpha for Project Aurora to help developers identify bugs and collect feedback
  • There are no set timeframes to increase the number of participants for the closed alpha
  • At this moment, the Project Aurora closed alpha is not fully optimized
  • The closed alpha intends to test out the Battle Royale mechanics on mobile devices, meaning that all the content presented in this stage could change in the final game
  • This testing stage of the game does not include all the features planned for it
  • Activision will reset and possibly delete and reset progress data at any time during the Warzone Mobile Project Aurora alpha

Considering all of the information above, Project Aurora could still need considerable development time. However, some leaks suggest Warzone Mobile is getting a 2022 launch window.

Aside from all these new details, recent leaks suggest that Warzone Mobile could feature a new Verdansk and Rebirth Island maps.

Now that Activision has officially confirmed the state of Project Aurora, a.k.a Warzone Mobile, and its alpha, it is a matter of time before more information becomes available!

Source: Activision

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