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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Confirmed By Job Listing?

A new Activision job listing has confirmed that a mobile version of Warzone is in development.

Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. With Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players all dropping into Verdnaks at the moment, mobile gamers must feel a bit left out.

However, it looks like Warzone will be getting a fully-fledged mobile release of the game soon, if this job listnig from Activisio is anything ot go by.

Warzone Mobile Coming Soon?

Soon after an announcement that Call of Duty was tripling its development team size, publisher Activision recently posted a load of new job listings on LinkedIn. These are primarily looking for mobile game developers.

While this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary usually, as Call of Duty Mobiles is hugely popular and successful, a few words hint at something new for Activision.

The job listing says:

“Activision Mobile has put up new roles! Teams are focused on Live Operations and content expansion across CoD Mobile and Warzone.”

Activision LinkedIn
Warzone Season 3

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Therefore, it looks extremely likely that a mobile version of the hit battle royale title is in development or will begin development very soon. It makes sense that the publisher wants the battle royale on as many platforms as possible as Warzone will be Activision’s top priority “for a long time”.

However, Activision has not confirmed or even announced anything about the possible mobile version of Warzone yet. So, even if this job listing makes it extremely likely, don’t take it as fact just yet – anything can happen!

Also, it would have a lot of competition as EA has just announced a new Battlefield mobile game.

Would you like to play Warzone on your mobile?


Meanwhile, it looks like Warzone will be getting a number of amazing skins soon. Firstly, Rambo could be an upcoming Warzone operator.

Then other classic action stars including Die Hard’s John McClane were teased. Even the Terminator could be coming to Warzone soon!

Finally, it looks like Verdansk ’84 is going to get a huge fix soon. This is the change every Warzone player wants!

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