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Warzone Mobile 25 Million Pre-Registration Reward Likely Found

The Warzone community may have just uncovered what the secret 25 Pre-Registration Reward is for Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile is the latest Call of Duty Battle Royale scheduled to release on mobile. It’ll be one of the flagship titles for the future of Call of Duty alongside Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0.

To drive players to this new game, Call of Duty is offering milestone rewards based on the amount of Warzone mobile pre-registration.

Now, it seems like players have discovered what the final 25 Million Pre-Registration reward will be.

Ghost Operator Skin Likely Coming to Warzone Mobile

PlayWZMobile, a Warzone Mobile insider, predicted that a Ghost Operator may be the 25 Million Pre-Registration Milestone Reward.

The insider reached this conclusion after many players noticed a silhouette in marketing material related to these rewards resembled Simon “Ghost” Riley.

On their official Twitter, COD Warzone Mobile shared an image of pre-registration rewards and a silhouette of the potential 25 Million Pre-Registration reward.

Players were quick to notice the silhouette had on a pair of headphones. This is important because, in most marketing, Ghost can be seen wearing similar headphones.

Update 11/17/22
Warzone Mobile has hit the 25 Million Pre-registration milestone, awarding players with:
- Emblem: Dark Familiar
- Vinyl: Foe's Flame
- X-12 Prince of Hell - Weapon Blueprint
- M4 Archfiend - Weapon Blueprint
- Ghost Condemned - Operator Skin
Warzone Mobile Ghost Pre-Registration

Although, Call of Duty has yet to confirm this in any way. There is also currently no way to see how many players have already pre-registered.

But currently, Warzone Mobile is only open for pre-registration on Android devices. This means that we could see more announcements once it opens up for iOS devices.

It wouldn’t be surprising, though, since he is the face of the marketing for Modern Warfare 2. So seeing him across all three upcoming titles would make sense.

Warzone Mobile, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone 2.0 will all share progression with each other. Despite sharing progression, players in Warzone Mobile will have one thing that sets them apart.

Warzone Mobile will mark the return of Verdansk. Verdansk was the original Warzone map, and players constantly take to social media to ask Raven Software to return it to the rotation.

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