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Warzone: Missiles Fly Over the Map Before the Destruction of Verdansk

Missiles have been spotted flying across Verdansk as Activision gets ready to destroy the Warzone map completely.

The end is in sight for Warzone as we know it, as players are spotting missiles soaring above Verdansk. After weeks of waiting, we finally have another sign that there is indeed a new Warzone map on the way.

Of course, right now we know where all the upcoming Warzone zombie outbreak locations are going to be. And on top of that, a new leak is revealing just how Verdansk’s nuke event is going to take place.

But now, the signs are finally pointing towards the end in-game. We’re only days away from Warzone’s 1980’s-themed map that recently leaked in a new advertisement…

Warzone Missile Silo Bunker
(Source: Activision)

See the first images of the new Black Ops Cold War Warzone map right here!

Warzone Containment Protocol Level 1 Active

When loading into a game of Warzone, players may notice a new Containment Protocol announcement, alongside the occasional missile strike.

Throughout their games, players are noting a screen-wide banner appearing, alongside a vocal announcement. The alert displays the message:


Meanwhile, the emergency broadcast system confirms that precautionary measures are being taken. With the level 1 containment protocol initiation, Verdansk is taking action against an incoming threat.

Shortly after hearing this announcement, large missiles are flying over Warzone’s map, signalling that the end truly is near. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Warzone Plague event which features zombies and a nuke.

And if you’re getting ready to fight the undead, make sure you know how to use Warzone’s insane new Bombardment to instantly win in the final circle. Not only is the tool completely overpowered in-game currently, it’ll also be an excellent deterrent for the zombies.

Right now, Warzone players hate the new zombies outbreak, but things should change as we head into the game’s next major event. After all, the last time zombies were present in Warzone, players wanted them to stay forever.

There’s a lot going on right now, so here’s everything new in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded so you don’t miss a thing!

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