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Warzone Meta Dominated by OP Vanguard Guns With Insane Pick Rate

Warzone has some major balance issues in June 2022, as Vanguard weapons are dominating the meta with a ridiculous pick rate.

We’re about to head into Warzone Season 4 and Activision’s Battle Royale is having big balancing issues. It’s always been tricky to balance 3 eras of weaponry and the game’s meta has had its ups and downs.

But right now, things are skewed in a big way, with Vanguard weapons being a must-have in your loadouts. The WW2 guns are often far more powerful than their modern counterparts, in what many players believe is an effort to sell more copies of Vanguard.

Warzone Vanguard Guns

After all, it’s easier to grind for attachments in Vanguard Multiplayer than it is in Warzone. That said, this method is the still fastest way to fully level up any weapon in Warzone!

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Warzone: Vanguard Weapons Need a Nerf As Meta Goes Stale

Vanguard weapons are becoming increasingly dominant in Warzone, with players calling for a nerf in Season 4.

We’re only days away from Warzone Season 4 adding a new map to the Battle Royale. Coming alongside the Season 4 update, Fortune’s Keep is eagerly anticipated by COD fans everywhere.

But fans are hoping for another big change in the Season 4 patch notes – a balance overhaul for Vanguard guns.

Right now, this insane NZ-41 loadout is the best gun in Warzone and it’s not even close! The weapon boasts no recoil, low TTK, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

NZ-41 Loadout

“You’re so heavily penalised if you pick anything other than Vanguard guns,” Reddit user Anomalistics writes. “They all have zero recoil, instant ADS and insane movement speed. I love the variation in this game but it seriously needs an overhaul in terms of balance.”

It’s not surprise that of the top 5 Rebirth Island loadouts right now, 4 of them come from Sledgehammer’s WW2 shooter.

Now, statistics from WZRanked indicate that over 59% of weapons used in Warzone right now are Vanguard guns. This number sharply rose from around 36% with the Season 3 update, and surged even higher after Season 3 Reloaded.

Warzone Guns Pick Rate by Game

Now, Cold War and Modern Warfare gun usage is at an all-time low, as Vanguard guns force themselves further into the meta.

We can only hope that things change in next week’s Season 4 update. But chances are, the new Warzone Season 4 guns are going to be just as broken as other Vanguard additions.

But regardless of how the patch notes look, many players will still love the new update. After all, Warzone Season 4 is bringing back part of Verdansk that fans always enjoyed.

What’s more, Caldera is getting some much-needed improvements including better visibility and new POIs.

Plus we’ve got an early in-game look at the new Fortune’s Keep map here! Will this be your new favorite Battle Royale arena?

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