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New Warzone Map Leaks Increased Player Count, More POIs

The new Warzone map is just around the corner, and new leaks are revealing interesting details about the upcoming release.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a new Warzone map is on the way. A new battle royale arena has been something that fans have been wanting since shortly after Warzone’s launch a full year ago.

Of course, we did get a mini battle royale map variant with the release of Rebirth Island, but there’s still been no sign of a new full map.

Warzone New Map Leak
(Source: Activision)

Now, we’re finally getting new details about the upcoming Warzone map, ahead of its official reveal.

Warzone’s New Map Major Leaks

Thanks to popular Warzone leaker ModernWarzone, we have more details to discuss regarding the game’s upcoming map.

Just a couple of days ago, the first ever image of the new Warzone map leaked online. This was a big deal for Call of Duty fans, not least because it appears to confirm a range of other leaks from the past.

Warzone ship
(Source: Activision)

Because the new image revealed the Zoo Point of Interest (POI), we believe that this major Warzone map leak is likely true. The leak states that the upcoming Warzone map will be created from Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam maps.

Of course, there’ll be some new additions alongside them. In fact, ModernWarzone believes that the new Ural Mountains Warzone map could have 23 POIs in total.

If this is true, that’s 3 more locations that Verdansk has presently. And that either means that the new map is bigger than Verdansk, or more densely populated.

New Warzone Map Features 250 Players?

According to a second leak by ModernWarzone, the new Warzone map could increase the game’s player count to 250 users.

This would lead to a hectic battle royale, with a lot more kills possible in general. We can’t imagine how high the Warzone world record games would get with those kinds of numbers.

However, even the leaker himself is skeptical about this new information. After all, as he points out, Warzone has enough issues getting 150 player matches to work.

Are you ready for Warzone’s new Plague Mode event? After that, it looks like Activision will be dropping a literal nuke on Verdansk.

Verdansk won’t be coming back once it’s gone either, if a new report is accurate.

Want to see more details, including the new Warzone map’s release date?

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