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Game-Breaking Warzone Loadout Drop Glitch Gives Players No Guns

Warzone players have encountered a new glitch with their Loadout Drops which totally ruins the game.

Grabbing your Loadout Drop is one of the most important parts of every game. Not only does it let players get weapons that are way better than the floor loot, but it also lets players select exactly the right guns for the situation.

Players get two free Loadout Drops per game, and can also call one in using a Loadout Drop Marker, which costs $10,000 at a Buy Station. It may be expensive but it’s worth every penny.

However, a new glitch is totally ruining Warzone matches for players when they pick up a Loadout Drop and there doesn’t seem to be any known fix.

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Warzone Loadout Drop

Warzone ‘No Guns’ Loadout Drop Glitch

There have been plenty of glitches regarding Loadout Drops in the past. First, this glitch made Loadout Drops totally unreachable, while other players had their Rebirth Island Loadout Drops fall into the sea!

However, this one might be the most annoying yet.

A new clip, posted on the Warzone subreddit, shows a player going up to their Loadout Drop, and selecting their favorite class as usual before something very strange happens.

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Warzone Loadout Drop

After selecting the loadout they wanted, the player was left totally empty-handed. The weapon icon appeared in the bottom corner of their screen but they could not equip or use either of their guns or equipment.

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This player claims to get this glitch every time they pick up a loadout, essentially making Warzone unplayable for them. It is not known what caused this bug, but it seems to only be affecting a small number of players.

Hopefully Raven Software finds the cause of this and fixes it in the next Warzone patch.

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In other news, a leak has revealed loads of new information about the upcoming WW2 Warzone map. This sounds absolutely amazing!

For the time being though, Warzone players want a dynamic weather system to keep Verdansk ’84 fresh. Maybe even a retun of a nighttime mode?

Also, a ranked playlist in Warzone is the final change every player wants. This would make SBMM a problem of the past.

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