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Warzone Loadout Drop Duplication Glitch Gives Players Infinite Guns

Warzone has a new glitch that lets players duplicate Loadout Drops, leaving players with an almost endless supply of guns!

Picking up your Loadout Drop is a key part of any Warzone match. To stand a good chance of winning, you’ll need to grab the right weapons for the situation.

However, a new glitch is letting players duplicate their Loadout Drop. This spawns a load of guns, giving you way more than you’d ever need.

But first, check out the best weapons to use after the new Warzone update:


How Do Players Duplicate Their Warzone Loadout Drop?

There have been plenty of issues surrounding Loadout Drops in Warzone recently. First, Loadout Drops gave out no guns at all, and now they are giving out way too many!

A new clip on the Warzone subreddit shows a strange glitch where loads of duplicate loadouts come out of the same drop.

The Loadout Drop lands right above an entrance hatch at the top of a building and after one player grabs their weapons, the crate disappears. However, it also drops a seemingly unlimited number of loadouts on the floor.

This includes the Grau 5.56 primary weapon the player chose, along with the secondary weapon and even both pieces of equipment!

Speaking of the Grau, the latest Warzone update had over 35 weapon changes and made it a top-tier gun again. Check out the best Grau loadout in Warzone.

Players haven’t been able to work out how exactly the loadout got duplicated so many times, but it must be something to do with it falling at the top of a ladder. Luckily, this means that players can’t easily recreate this bug and abuse it.

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Meanwhile, there are a number of more serious glitches ruining Warzone at the moment. Firstly, players have found a ‘God Mode’ cheat that makes them bulletproof.

Additionally, Warzone players can now turn invisible. This has been a huge problem in Season 4 Reloaded.

At least Raven has finally fixed the glitch which gave the C58 no recoil. You can now use other weapons again!

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