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Warzone ‘Legacy’ Will Still Be Supported After Warzone 2’s Release, Insider Claims

Fears that there will be no more Warzone on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been abated as an industry insider claims it will continue as ‘Warzone Legacy’ after the release of a next-gen sequel.

Rumors about the future of the Call of Duty franchise have been at a fever pitch in recent weeks.

The mainline games, from Modern Warfare to Vanguard all have issues, and Call of Duty: Warzone is in its worst moment since it launched back in March 2020. So bad in fact, it’s prompted the developers to take some pretty drastic action.

Warzone Pacific season 2 delayed
Activision Blizzard

That, coupled with Activision Blizzard’s game-changing takeover by Microsoft, has prompted many questions about the franchise and its future.

Though, we now have a definitive answer to the question: Will Warzone remain on PlayStation consoles?

Throwing more fuel on the fire was a recent Bloomberg report that claimed that Warzone 2 was nearer than we think.

But news that a full-fat sequel is in the works has prompted yet more questions; what does that mean for the original Warzone? And players’ progress? Their skins? An industry insider claims to know.

Warzone Legacy Will Continue After Launch of Warzone 2

Fans’ hopes for a ‘Warzone 2.0’ look to be coming true!

This latest news comes courtesy of industry insider Tom Henderson. Tom details a future for Call of Duty: Warzone that sees the game branch into effectively two versions; Warzone Legacy and Warzone 2.

This is based on Tom’s understanding that Warzone 2, which is rumored to be arriving in 2023, will only be available on ‘current-gen’ consoles; the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, as well as on PC.

That follows on from the news that the PlayStation won’t be deprived of Call of Duty for a while yet.

warzone pacific

Tom describes Warzone 2 (and Modern Warfare 2) as a “clean slate” for the franchise.

According to Tom, Warzone Legacy will continue to be supported after the launch of Warzone 2.

However, on a disappointing note, Operator skins, Weapon Blueprints, and other cosmetics; as these will not be carried over from Warzone Legacy to Warzone 2. Though stats may be.

Furthermore, while Modern Warfare 2 will come to last-gen consoles, it will not have cross-gen play with the next-gen version of the game.

“Treat Warzone 2 as a new game in the CoD Series.”

Tom Henderson

Confused? Tom has provided a handy line graph of his understanding of the future of the games.

Tom does, however, caution that this is all subject to change as the game is over a year from release.

News that Warzone 2 will only be available on current-gen consoles isn’t a bad idea at all. The game can’t be shackled to hardware over eight years old forever.

The only problem is, it’s not like either console is particularly easy to get at the moment…

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What Does This Mean For Warzone?

The current version of Warzone which many of us have come to know and love will continue you on for the foreseeable future.

The developers are still actively working on the title, recently removing one of the game’s most frustrating bugs and teasing some pretty major map changes for Caldera in Season 2.

Warzone legacy Warzone 2
Activision Blizzard

There is also more to come from the Attack on the Titan crossover.

The next big update will be at the release of Warzone Pacific Season 2, recently delayed, the developers have promised wholesale changes in attempts to improve the game.

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