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Warzone Leaks Streamer IP Addresses After Servers Went Down

Call of Duty Warzone has leaked the IP addresses of multiple streamers after the game’s servers went down tonight.

Warzone has more than a few problems right now, and a little server outage seems like the least of our worries. Just hours ago, all Call of Duty servers appeared to go down for Warzone, as well as Vanguard, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops Cold War.

And although many streamers were waiting for the Battle Royale to come back online, doing so proved to be a risky move. When the game was finally playable once more, Warzone displayed streamers’ IP addresses for their audiences to see.

Call of Duty 2023 Vanguard

But the biggest news of the night is still that Warzone 2 is planned for a 2023 launch! The game features a completely fresh start and will be coming to next-gen consoles and PC.

Call of Duty Whitelist Error Massive IP Address Leak

After Warzone servers finally came back online, streamers were faced with a screen displaying their IP addresses.

For streamers, keeping their personal details private is often key. It might sound strange for a gamer broadcasting themselves over the internet on a regular basis, but a leak of this nature is serious business.

After all, while an IP address means nothing to most viewers, this leak could cause some serious harm. Malicious hackers could use the IP address to attempt a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack and take the streamer offline.

It’s also possible for the hacker to access hardware running on the IP address, after a series of brute force attempts.

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caldera warzone pacific

When Warzone came back online and displayed a Whitelist Error, the message also revealed streamers’ IP addresses, while many were broadcasting live to followers. And this potentially dangerous message kept reappearing, even after being closed.

We imagine more than a few fans are angry at Activision right now. Perhaps the new Microsoft purchase of the Call of Duty franchise will be for the best after all.

And new evidence is revealing whether Call of Duty will be on PlayStation or not in the coming years. Plus we just got our first tease of Call of Duty 2023’s developer in a new report by Bloomberg.

Twitch streamer ModernWarzone shares their experience with the IP address leak in the clip below.

And don’t miss this odd new Warzone meta which is going viral on TikTok! Streamers, take notes – it looks like a fun new way to play!

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