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Warzone Leaker Claims Verdansk “Will Never Return” After Nuke Event

A notorious Warzone leaker has suggested that Verdansk could be gone for good after the upcoming nuke event.

Warzone fans have been fascinated by the swirling rumor that a nuke could soon be dropping on Verdansk. The fan-favorite map that has carried the Warzone game mode since its launch could be in for a big change in the form of an immense nuclear weapon, wiping the slate clean ready to begin anew.

It's certainly a dramatic theory, but one that players have latched onto. And day by day, more and more clues are revealed that suggest a bomb could really drop on Verdansk.

Warzone's Verdansk never to return after nuke event, says leaker
Call of Duty Warzone

A leaker first introduced players to an intriguing upcoming "destruction event" that threatened to leave Verdansk in ruin.

And then, when fans began to theorize about how this destruction would come about, new clues were found. In fact, clues that teased the incoming nuke had been in the game from the very start.

Verdansk is under severe nuclear threat. And according to one leaker, the nuke could put the map out of action forever.

Warzone Leaker Suggests Nuke Will Destroy Verdansk Forever

Popular leaker Tom Henderson has suggested on Twitter that Warzone's nuke event could have severe repercussions.

He's a reliable source, it would seem. He's been noted in the past for teasing the suspected location of Call Of Duty 2021.

Henderson has also leaked that a standalone Zombies game is in development.

But now fans flock to him for answers regarding the Warzone nuke event, and it seems he has them.

He has suggested something that has frightened and intrigued many players. "The current plan for Warzone is that Verdansk will never return", he says.

Warzone's Verdansk never to return after nuke event, says leaker
Call of Duty Warzone

"There's no separate playlist, map voting, or anything like that. Warzone is Warzone and Warzone is 1 map."

It's a fascinating suggestion, especially as fans have latched onto Verdansk and its reliable layout.

As with big maps, it takes a while to get to know all of its nooks and crannies, and some players are only just relaxing into Verdansk. If this suggestion comes to be true, it could violently shake up Warzone as we know it.

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Tom then suggests that a time machine or portal could be introduced somewhere down the line, but for now, it's all speculation.

Upcoming events to Warzone have caught fans off-guard, especially with the wealth of Warzone Season Two content to explore.

Plus, coming with the nuke event is an intriguing plague mode, according to a leak.

It's a fitting title for a Warzone, especially now as Zombies have officially invaded Verdansk.

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