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Warzone Leaker Claims Ural Mountains Map Release Date Isn’t Soon

The leaked new Ural Mountains map for Warzone might not be coming as soon as you think.

Verdansk is certainly a great map. However, Warzone players have been dropping into Verdansk for over a year now and are ready for something new.

There have been loads of leaks and rumors surrounding a possible new Warzone map over the last few months. Although, the most exciting leaked map may not arrive any time soon.

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Warzone Season 2

Warzone Ural Mountains Release Date?

We recently reported on a huge leak that revealed the upcoming Ural Mountains Map for Warzone. Now, a leaker has given an update about when we can expect to see it.

However, a new tweet from reliable leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has given us some extra insight ito what is happening with the leaked map. The tweet says:

A lot of people are confused about what’s going on.

The Map Legend for the delayed Ural Mountains map was posted.

1980s Verdansk is the map we are seeing in April, but we will probably see Ural Mountains down the pipeline.

warzone skydive

Therefore, it seems very likely that the Ural Mountains map will not be arriving in Warzone soon, despite it being leaked.

However Warzone players do have an idea of what new map to expect next, but it’s a revised Verdansk. Check out the leaked trailer for the 1980s version of Verdansk.

This will probably launch at the start of Season 3. Find out when Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 starts here.

But before the new Ural Mountains Warzone map arrives, Verdansk could finally be nuked. Check out all of the leaked information about the upcoming Destruction of Verdansk event.


Meanwhile, Warzone players want Raven to remove Cold War guns from the game. This would certainly fix the weapon balancing problems.

Also, Warzone players hate the current Gulag. Hopefully, a new map will bring a new Gulag too.

Finally, the zombie contamination level in Warzone has finally rise, but do players even care anymore?

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