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Warzone Leak Reveals WW2 Vanguard Map Is Significantly Larger Than Verdansk, Will Have Planes, Tanks, and Boats

A new leak is here for Warzone’s Vanguard map set in WW2, and it contains big information about the upcoming battlefield.

Lately, we’ve been hearing more about the upcoming Call of Duty Vanguard release in 2021. Although the game is yet to get an official reveal, leakers everywhere seem to agree that a return to WW2 is coming this year.

Now, we have more information about what’s to come in Call of Duty Vanguard, in particular where Warzone is concerned. The battle royale will be getting a new major map later alongside Vanguard’s release, Tom Henderson reports.

Warzone Season 4 Unplayable FPS Xbox One PS4
(Source: Activision)

And there’s more to reveal, as the Call of Duty leaker has more details about the upcoming Vanguard content! However, we’re not sure he’s changed his mind about Vanguard’s release being a disaster

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Warzone’s Vanguard Map Will Be Larger Than Verdansk

It appears that the upcoming WW2-themed Warzone map will be much bigger than Verdansk.

In a new video discussing new Call of Duty leaks, trusted insider Tom Henderson revealed more about the upcoming map. It seems that the Warzone battle royale is getting a major expansion when Vanguard releases.

According to Henderson, his sources are revealing that plans have changed and a new Warzone map is coming with Vanguard’s release after all. We recently saw VGC report the same thing, with a November release date in mind.

Now Tom Henderson is making claims that Vanguard’s map is ‘significantly larger than Verdansk,’ but that space isn’t to incorporate more players. Instead, this is reportedly so that Sledgehammer Games and Warzone’s developer can introduce more unique ways to play, with the likes of planes, tanks, and boats.

Call of Duty WW2
(Source: Activision)

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Although the super-heavy tanks and bombers could potentially be game-breaking, fans shouldn’t worry too much. These vehicles could be restricted to limited-time modes only, meaning that the core Warzone experience isn’t too broken.

Warzone’s new Vanguard map will also have destructible physics like Rainbow Six Siege, according to Henderson. But it won’t be as next-gen as Battlefield 2042’s new destruction, thanks to limitations on Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

New POIs in Warzone’s WW2 Map

Henderson also spoke about the recent major POI leak for Warzone’s WW2 map. According to the leaker’s sources, these locations are correct, but the list is slightly outdated.

One big change that the leaker believes we’ll see is that Docks is now a massive battleship, likely a Japanese vessel.

If these leaks prove correct then we won’t have to wait long before we start to get teasers for the new map. After all, Vanguard’s reveal will likely drop in Warzone around August, according to Henderson’s predictions.

And going by past leaks, Vanguard will be returning to this popular Call of Duty engine. Henderson also reveals that Treyarch is working on Vanguard’s Zombies mode already.

However, the leaker assures fans that Sledgehammer is only really borrowing lore and story from Cold War’s developer. And a standalone COD Zombies experience is still very possible for the near future.

We just got a new gameplay leak of Warzone’s Ural Mountains map too! But it’s looking less and less likely that the project will ever actually arrive in the battle royale.

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Saturday 25th of September 2021

Why is he cheating in the video, I think I counted 30something kills and he never died???


Tuesday 6th of July 2021

How about not with the zombies. It's an old idea and a waste of time. Nobody bothers with it. At the destruction of Verdansk and when you turned into a zombie.....stupidest thing ever.