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Warzone Leak Reveals Possible New Zombies Mode

A new Zombies mode could be heading to Warzone, according to an in-game leak.

Zombies is one of Call of Duty’s most beloved game modes. But soon, the undead could also be breaking down the barricades into the massive battle royale title Warzone.

While Warzone had the limited-time Zombie Royale mode at Halloween, this discovery suggests that Warzone could be getting a full-on Zombies mode soon.

Warzone Zombie Royale Horde

Zombies Trial Machine in Verdansk

Warzone players have found a mysterious new machine in the game, which potentially reveals that a new Zombies mode is coming soon.

This could also be linked to the huge event that Warzone has been teasing with a new Easter Egg.

On the bottom level of Verdansk’s Hospital, a player has found a Zombies Trial Machine from Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone players have also discovered another secret recently. This lucky player found the unreleased and totally overpowered Sykov pistol in Warzone.

When players walk up to the machine a button prompt says they can “activate zombies” too. However, nothing happens when you press the button just yet.

In addition to screens that have scrolling lines of code on them, there is also a sticky note on the Trial Machine which says: “Prove yourself, to the victor go the spoils”.

Could this be part of the leaked Zombies Outbreak mode for Warzone?

The Zombies Trial Machine only appears in Warzone Rumble. It also appears to be unfinished, without the full textures on.

This probably means that players have found this machine before its intended release. However’ its existence in the game certainly points towards a Zombies mode or event coming to Warzone.

Another Zombies leak also points towards the next Cold War Zombies map being set in the Ural Mountains.

Modern Warzone Twitter

When is Warzone getting Zombies?

There is currently no proposed date for the new Warzone Zombies mode. However, this find makes a future Zombies mode in Warzone likely.

This mode could potentially come as part of Season 2 as a popular Zombies character has already been leaked as one of the Season 2 operators.

Season 2 should in a couple of weeks and the rumored Ural Mountains map could finally come to Warzone. Players will also be able to use all of the leaked Season 2 weapons.

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