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Warzone Leak Reveals Planes Coming to Battle Royale

In a new leak for Warzone, it looks as though planes will be coming to the battle royale in future.

With a huge map to fight it out on, it’s important to have a way to travel around the Warzone map quickly. This season, we got a brand-new Warzone vehicle and already it looks as though we’re getting another soon.

Raven Software also added the new Red Door transport system to Warzone with Season 4, allowing you a quick teleport across the map. But when it comes to traveling in style, you’ll need one of Warzone’s new planes.

(Source: Activision)

Recently, we saw a massive leak reveal that Warzone’s WW2 map will be huge, with planes, tanks, and boats to move around the new arena. And now, it looks like the leak may have been right on the money.

Warzone Planes Coming Soon, Leak Suggests

Could planes be coming to Warzone soon? This leak certainly suggests so, and there’s new evidence to back it up!

In a script file for the new Payload mode coming in Season 4 Reloaded, one dataminer is discovering some intriguing lines of code. ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter reveals that there appears to be plane spawns for both teams in-game already.

What’s interesting is that the planes are labeled as belonging to the Axis or the Allies. With that in mind, perhaps the vehicles are only arriving alongside the new Call of Duty: Vanguard map later this year.

(Source: Activision)

Another Twitter user points out that the ‘Invert Vertical Look’ Warzone setting now has an option for ‘Airplanes Only’, giving further credence to this leak. However, other commenters quickly suggest that the setting works for drones, the starting plane, and helicopters already and is not necessarily related.

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We do already have a Vanguard leak involving planes, however, as it seems the new WW2 game will feature a remake of MW2’s Terminal map!

We’re not sure how exactly planes would work in standard Warzone games, so perhaps they’ll remain as part of limited-time modes at launch. Otherwise, we can see a lot of complaints coming in the near future.

Already, Twitch streamer NICKMERCS is complaining that Warzone’s old map was far better than Verdansk ’84. And NICKMERCS is actually quitting Warzone battle royale due to its many ongoing issues.

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