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Warzone Leak Reveals Huge Payload Game Mode Coming Soon

A leak has revealed an upcoming payload game mode coming to Warzone soon.

Warzone, as a battle royale game, has very few game modes. Most of these revolve around being the last team standing.

However, this upcoming game mode could shake up Warzone for good. It’s not like anything players have ever seen in Warzone before.

Warzone Helicopter

Warzone Payload Game Mode

A Warzone leaker has datamined a file containing what seems to be a Payload game mode.

But first, Warzone players are still waiting on this amazing new game mode called Plague, which features zombies and a nuke.

Leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has revealed that a Payload game mode is coming soon. This will shake up Warzone because instead of it being loads of teams, two huge teams will compete to push a payload into the enemy zone.

The description of the game mode is: “Teams alternate in escorting a payload into enemy territory. Deliver the payload to win”.

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Warzone Truck

It is not known whether this game mode will have respawns, however, the description suggests it will take place over multiple rounds.

Zesty also says that there is a version of the game mode for the upcoming 1980s Verdansk map. Check out everything we know about the upcoming 1980s Verdansk new Warzone map here.

The game mode will feature new vehicle variants like the machine gun cargo truck from Armored Royale. Plenty of upcoming Warzone vehicles have been leaked too, including an ambulance that lets you revive dead teammates!

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Meanwhile, angry Warzone players have started the FIXWZ protest movement. Will this force Raven to fix the game?

The upcoming Payload game mode in Warzone could come with the 1980s Verdansk map. But what is happening about the Ural Mountains Warzone map that has been rumored for ages?

Finally, a leaker has revealed the release date for the overpowered Sykov pistol. This sidearm could totally ruin the game!

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