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Warzone Leak Reveals Operation Monarch Godzilla vs Kong Crossover – Release Date & Images

A recent leak revealed the name and additional details of the Warzone Godzilla vs Kong crossover!

Call of Duty is gearing up for a new Warzone Season. As is usual, before a new season drops, there are a ton of official announcements pouring and some credible leaks.

This upcoming season is also following this pattern, with some interesting reveals creating hype and some solid leaks already coming in.

The latest Warzone trailer featured Snoop Dogg and a teaser unveiling King Kong in a clever way.

Even though Activision has sneakily dropped hints about this epic crossover, we have not seen any official imagery showing Kong or Godzilla.

A recent leak just solved this by revealing what could be the official name of the crossover, the first images, and more.

Warzone Season 3

Warzone Operation Monarch Godzilla vs Kong Crossover – Images & Launch Date

Online leaks revealed the official name for the Warzone Godzilla vs Kong crossover could be Operation Monarch. According to these reports, Operation Monarch starts on May 11.

In addition to these details, the leak also provided the first images showcasing this collaboration.

Even though this is a significant leak, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this upcoming crossover. Fortunately, those waiting for additional details will not have to wait for long.

Call of Duty has confirmed more information about this collaboration will be made available tomorrow.

They did not make it clear if this was an official reveal. However, the announcement included a monkey and lizard emoji, clearly giving away what the surprise was.

Aside from this leak, there are some more additional exciting Warzone updates. An Activision employee recently stated Warzone Verdansk would return in 2023!

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Thus far, Warzone fans are eager to receive more content, and this Godzilla vs Kong collaboration looks like a solid start. Many gamers have voiced their opinions on the battle royale’s failures to date.

Some are even talking about how they believe Rebirth and Caldera lobbies are tougher now due to the Fortnite’s No Build Mode.

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