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Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk Event Release Date Revealed

Find out when you can say farewell to the original Warzone map in the upcoming Last Hours of Verdansk event.

Warzone players have been desperate for a new map to play for ages. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t miss the original – Verdansk.

With the Caldera Warzone Pacific map releasing very soon, time is running out to say goodbye to Verdansk. Although, there will be an in-game event to commemorate the map’s final days.

Find out when the Last Hours of Verdansk Warzone event begins so you can say your goodbyes.

It’s not just Verdansk that will be leaving Warzone. Raven is removing Rebirth Island in the Warzone Pacific update too!

Warzone Verdansk '84

Warzone Last Hours of Verdansk Event Release Date

The Destruction of Verdansk event brought an explosive end to the original Verdansk map before players were taken back to 1984. So the upcoming Last Hours of Verdansk has a lot to live up to.

While very little is known about the event so far, we now know when the Last Hours of Verdansk will go live in Warzone. This is thanks to a new post on the Warzone Trello board.

The Warzone Trello board is where developer Raven Software provides updates about bug fixes as well as future content updates.

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1984 verdansk map

The playlist update post on the Trello board says that the Last Hours of Verdansk will arrive on December 6. This is 2 days before Warzone players can get early access to the new Caldera map.

Therefore, whatever this event has in store for players, they should be able to experience it for 2 days before Verdansk goes for good.

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Expect an official announcement about the Last Hours of Verdansk event from Raven Software soon. However, the release date will be accurate unless Raven decides to change it last minute.

Also, Call of Duty has revealed all of the locations and POIs in the Caldera map. May as well get yourself familiar with the new location before you drop in.

Plus, we’ve also got a good idea of the best places to drop in the Warzone Caldera map already! Be careful though, these might be pretty busy!

Additionally, if you want to see the new map in action, you’re in luck. Check out the stunning new Warzone Pacific Caldera gameplay trailer.

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