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Warzone Lag Spikes, Stuttering & Freezing Glitch After Season 3 Update

A number of Warzone players are reporting huge problems with lag and stability in Season 3.

Warzone is a fast-paced, precise shooter. Therefore, game stability when playing is extremely important.

Warzone Season 3 has been a huge success so far. It has brought the new Verdansk ’84 map as well as some highly requested weapon balancing changes. Check out the full Season 3 patch notes here.

However, the Season 3 update has also brought a load of bugs. Verdansk ’84 was being ruined by wall glitches and now Warzone players are experiencing another very frustrating problem – lag.

Warzone Best Weapons Season 3

Warzone Game Stability & Lag Problems

The biggest problem in Warzone at the moment is with its terrible lighting, but lag is definitely a close second. Many Warzone players have taken to the Warzone subreddit recently to complain about game stability.

One post from player u/nalb1221 sums up the lag problem almost perfectly. They say:

“Is it me or is anyone else having a lag/stutter happen to them every couple of minutes or so? I could be running through a door then be across the street in the blink of an eye. Or dropping in and I’m suddenly dead on the ground.”

This post has been upvoted over 200 times in a short space of time and many other players have shared their experiences with Warzone lag recently. However, there is a method to stop this lag from ruining your games so often.

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Warzone Verdansk '84

How To Fix Lag & Stability Issues

While there’s no sure-fire way to eliminate this stuttering, one player has found a good way to avoid it. Simply, if you experience lag or stuttering in the pre-game lobby, just leave and join another game.

It is thought that this issue could be to do with Warzone’s servers and so joining a new game could give you a more stable connection. Also, give this Warzone game mode with no SBMM a try while you’re at it!

However, let’s hope that Warzone developer Raven fixes the lag issues soon.

Warzone Season 3 Downtown

Meanwhile, there has been some huge news from Activision about the future of Call of Duty. Sledgehammer Games is developing ‘Next-gen’ COD 2021.

To help out with COD’s big future plans, Activision is tripling the size of the Call of Duty development team.

Finally, a leaker has revealed the release date for Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Remastered.

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fabio bruno de souza messina san martin

Wednesday 5th of May 2021

They do not mention the various players who are unable to access the game due to an error generated in the update of the third season. We were unable to post this error on Reddit, not the answer for tickets opened more than 13 days ago, leaving only the players on the support page waiting for some help.