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Warzone Lag, High Ping, Connection Issues Ruining Games – September 2021

Right now, Warzone appears to be having some big issues with lag, high ping, and connection as we head further in September 2021.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a game where split-second decisions and quick reactions are necessary to clutch out a win. So when you’re running into big connection issues in-game, it’s definitely enough to ruin your day.

Unfortunately, that’s just what Warzone players are experiencing right now, at least according to the latest reports. And on top of all the connection problems, there’s a new Warzone Riot Shield glitch that makes players invincible too.

(Source: Activision)

Today, we got a brand-new update bringing some much-needed weapon balance to the game. Check out the Warzone September 15 patch notes here!

But it seems that Raven Software was unable to fix the game’s biggest ongoing problem in the new update. And Warzone players are reporting a wide array of connection issues, including high ping, lag, and more in September 2021.

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Warzone Packet Loss, Lag, High Ping, Connection Problems

Is Warzone suddenly experiencing a lot more connection issues? According to players on the CODWarzone subreddit, it seems that lag is becoming increasingly common in-game.

According to Warzone players, Activision’s Battle Royale appears to be experiencing issues with player connections lately.

Reddit user Drfoodstamp attests that the problem has been present for the last week, calling the game ‘borderline unplayable’.

“It’s at the point where 8/9 lobbies are 150+ ping and people are teleporting, It’s been this way for a week. Not sure if they are aware of this but it’s borderline unplayable for many of us.”

And they’re not the only one complaining about Warzone connectivity either. Other fans on the subreddit confirm that they’ve had similar issues with the Battle Royale in recent play sessions.

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(Source: Activision)

However, it appears that the issues are most prevalent in the evenings. In another post, entitled ‘Lagging like crazy’, another user shares their experience.

It appears that huge latency issues are taking over Warzone, particularly at night when many players are online. And on top of that, Warzone hackers are still ruining the game in September too.

Thankfully, we’re getting new details about Warzone’s Pacific map already! And we can’t wait to see how Vanguard’s anti-cheat fixes Warzone’s biggest issue.

Let’s hope that Warzone’s connection issues also get some fixes in the next update. Especially since a Warzone Ranked mode is coming soon…

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Thursday 16th of September 2021

It’s crazy to be sitting in one spot and your gun aimed at what ever comes around the corner and then they do but before you can get a shot off they have shot you. Lag is terrible.

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