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Warzone ‘Kicked For Inactivity’ Glitch Is Removing Active Players

Players are being wrongly ‘kicked for inactivity’ in Warzone!

Warzone has had a load of glitches since it launched last year. Whether it’s the infinite stim glitch, invisible players, or weapon attachments not working, Warzone has had the lot.

However, this ‘kicked for inactivity’ bug could be the most frustrating glitch in Warzone so far.

warzone no glint sniper rifle

Why Does Warzone Remove Inactive Players?

Many videogames have a feature that kicks players who are inactive. This is usually so that teams can be even and the game can replace players who aren’t playing with ones who will.

However, it doesn’t make too much sense to have it in a battle royale game like Warzone as nobody can join midway through a game.

This feature makes even less sense when it doesn’t even work properly.

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Warzone ‘Kicked For Inactivity’ Glitch

Luckily the latest Warzone update fixed many of the game’s annoying glitches like the one which removed scope glint. Check out the Warzone April 19 Update Patch notes.

However, many players have now started to report being ‘kicked for inactivity’ despite playing the game normally. Redditor GER8LE posted a clip to the Warzone subreddit showing this strange glitch.

He is standing on top of Stadium and is looking around for a nearby enemy team. However, the screen goes black, and then the dreaded ‘kicked for inactivity’ message pops up as he is taken back to the Warzone menu.

This certainly won’t please the Warzone players who say that the current state of Warzone is the worst it has ever been in.


But this isn’t a one-off instance. Over 1400 other Warzone players have upvoted this post and many have replied with their own similar stories.

One player said, “I’ve only been kicked for inactivity 4-5 times, but every time I was actively playing”. While another asks “Why does this game even need AFK detection?”.

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Hopefully, Raven Software sorts this issue out as it is clearly annoying a lot of Warzone players who are wrongly being kicked for inactivity. They could even remove the kicking of AFK players entirely to sort this out.

Meanwhile, Warzone Season 3 is almost here! Check out the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 early patch notes. There’s plenty of content coming soon.

Also make sure to prepare for new season. These will be the Warzone Season 3 meta weapons, according to JGOD.

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