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Warzone Jumping Glitch Stops Players From Vaulting Through Windows

This is no new glitch, but Warzone players are finally fed up with not being able to jump through windows properly!

Mobility and map rotation are key parts of Warzone. Players will want to flank around their enemies or make a quick escape when faced with overwhelming odds.

However, moving around the map became a lot harder a while back, when it became difficult to reliably jump through windows in Verdansk.

Why is it so difficult to jump through windows now in Warzone and can you fix this glitch?

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Warzone Glitch – Players Can’t Jump Through Windows

Warzone has plenty of frustrating glitches at the moment, as players have worked out how to activate ‘God Mode’ and become bulletproof. What’s more other players are exploiting a new Warzone invisibility glitch.

However, there is one glitch in the game that has been annoying every single player for a very long time now. Why can’t players jump through windows in Warzone easily?

Ever since the Cold War integration, there has been something off about jumping through windows in Warzone. Yes, it is still possible, but it is way more difficult than before and usually requires the player to be perfectly lined up (or a lot of button mashing).

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Warzone Window

Can You Fix Warzone Vaulting Bug?

Jumping through windows seems to be a problem that annoys every single player in Warzone, and this new clip from Reddit demonstrates exactly why. A fleeing player unsuccessfully tries to hop through a window multiple times, but it simply won’t let him through.

However, players in the comments suggest the only fix is looking up while trying to vault through windows. It’s not a perfect solution by any means, but it does help a bit!

Every Warzone player has had at least one experience like this in the past few months. Let’s just hope that “super studio” developer Raven Software issues a fix for this glitch that lets Warzone players jump through windows once and for all!

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In other Warzone news, the Season 4 Reloaded update has changed the meta entirely. Find out the best weapons to use in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

Also, popular streamer Dr Disrespect could uninstall Warzone because of the terrible audio. Let’s hope he gives the game another chance!

The latest Warzone update has also finally fixed the glitched xero-recoil C58. You’re free to use other weapons now!

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