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Warzone Isn’t Worth Playing Anymore, According to Drift0r

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r said Warzone ‘isn’t worth” playing until its major problem is fixed.

Warzone is at somewhat of a crossroads at the moment. A lot of the goodwill players had towards the developer and the game itself has been eroded over time due to a series of glitches and problems.

Now, it isn’t just players that are turning their back on Warzone. Popular YouTuber Drift0r has expressed his concerns with Warzone and thinks it isn’t worth playing at the moment for a number of reasons.

Why Isn’t Warzone Worth Playing?

In his self-proclaimed “painfully negative” video, Drift0r uses his platform to voice the increasing problems all Warzone players are having with hackers at the moment.

Firstly, he says that there is no noticeable anti-cheat system in the game. Drift0r claims to have “70%” of games he plays ruined by cheaters who are using aimbots and wallhacks.

Drift0r also reveals that cheating is becoming way more common on consoles too. Players can use software on USB sticks or controller mods to cheat on PS5 and Xbox Series X too.

Some players are seeking out Warzone cheaters, like this player who got revenge on a whole squad of aimbotters. However, this is not enough to stop them.

It’s no wonder Drift0r thinks Warzone isn’t worth playing then. He describes it as “near-impossible to win and near-impossible to make content”.

Drift0r also complains that players can still manipulate SBMM to get easy lobbies. YouTuber JackFrags recently revealed how to beat SBMM in Warzone.

Skill-based-matchmaking is difficult enough, but Drift0r says that in combination with aimbotters makes the game “painfully unfun”.

The cheating issues in competitive Warzone are then the icing on the cake for Drift0r. A Warzone tournament cheater recently got banned after being accused on stream.


Is Warzone Dying?

This then leads to Drift0r’s conclusion that Warzone isn’t worth playing anymore, even if it is one of his favorite games ever. He simply thinks the cheaters make it not worth playing anymore.

However, the real kicker is that Drift0r claims that he and other streamers and content creators are ready to jump ship “the very moment” a new battle royale game comes out.

He ends his video with a plea to the developers to invest more time and money into an anti-cheat system because he and other content creators won’t put up with this anymore.

NICKMERCS has already given up on Warzone tournaments, so how long is it before content creators stop playing the game entirely?

Drift0r predicts Warzone could “crash and burn” unless Activision addresses the cheating problems soon. Let’s hope fixes in the future make Warzone worth playing again.

Drift0r YouTube

Warzone somehow has even more problems than the ones Drift0r covered. Players are also annoyed about this pay-to-win skin that makes enemies almost invisible.

Meanwhile, Warzone players are also demanding the return of the original Gulag. This would at least help the game become slightly fairer.

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