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Warzone: Is the New ZRG 20MM Sniper Any Good?

There’s a new sniper in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, but is the ZRG 20MM good enough to fit into the meta?

Sniper rifles are incredibly powerful in a game like Warzone. Despite the game’s ever-shortening Time to Kill, there’s no faster way to dispatch an enemy than a sniper round.

What’s more, thanks to Warzone’s open-world nature, there’s nothing quite like having a sniper secondary when it comes to putting pressure on enemy squads from afar.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season 2 Weapon - ZRG 20mm sniper
(Source: Activision)

So far, this is Warzone’s best sniper in Season 2 Reloaded – but a new competitor just arrived on the scene. In the most recent Warzone update, Treyarch has added the ZRG 20MM sniper rifle – but is the weapon any good?

Warzone’s Best New Sniper – Does ZRG 20MM Fit Into the Meta?

As it turns out, Warzone pros believe that the ZRG 20MM is an excellent sniper rifle that may well worm itself into the battle royale meta.

Despite being slow to prepare, Warzone’s new ZRG 20MM is a powerful sniper rifle with incredible bullet velocity. Like other weapons in the category, this sniper will be dropping enemies in a single shot to the upper body.

But what are content creators saying about the new sniper rifle so far?

“It’s actually really viable in Warzone, and I think there is a chance for it to become meta,” claims Jackfrags. In a new upload, the YouTuber secures a 41 kill game with his squad, making great use of the new weapon.

ZRG 20MM Warzone Sniper
(Source: Jackfrags)

Want to try out the sniper for yourself? Unlock the ZRG 20MM fast in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War here!

In a new video, YouTuber PrestigeIsKey has this to say:

“Overall , when it comes to the ZRG, this is easily my favorite sniper available in Black Ops Cold War.”

Of course, balancing is a little different between Cold War and Warzone, but it seems that the weapon shines on both Call of Duty titles. And with a new Warzone no scope glint glitch appearing, it’s a good time to be a sniper fan.

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Warzone statistics expert JGOD believes that the sniper’s rate of fire allows it to compete in the current meta, as the ZRG 20MM can follow up quickly on its shots. But, as he also points out, a slower ADS speed is quite the negative to compete with.

Right now, Warzone players are demanding anti-cheat after yet another ineffective ban wave. And with the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 said to be a disaster even before its official reveal, things aren’t looking good.

No wonder so many content creators are already eyeing up a new AAA shooter to replace Warzone.

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