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Warzone: Is the Hell Hounds Tracer Pack Worth Buying? – Gatekeeper SMG Blueprint

The new Warzone Hell Hounds Tracer Pack includes new skins, weapon blueprints, and COD Points. But it is a bit pricey for some.

Godzilla and Kong have finally landed in Caldera in Warzone Operation Monarch. And with them, a slew of new Operator Skin Bundles for players to customize their operators with.

But one bundle that stands out is the Hell Hounds Mastercraft Tracer Pack. It is packed with content, but is it worth the hefty price tag?

Haven’t been able to secure a S.C.R.E.A.M. Device killstreak? Here’s how you can quickly build up your meter to invoke the strength of Godzilla or Kong in Operation Monarch!

Gatekeeper Warzone

Everything Included in the Warzone Hell Hounds Tracer Pack

The Hell Hounds Tracer Pack includes a Mastercraft Blueprint along with several other blueprints, accessories, a skin, and even 5000 COD Points for $39.99.

So despite the hefty price tag, it is definitely worth the cost for any dedicated Warzone player.

The entire contents include:

  • Gatekeeper SMG Mastercraft Blueprint with Cobalt Tracers
  • Adamantine Anna Operator Skin
  • Hesiodic Maxim AR Blueprint with Cobalt Tracers
  • Eleusinian Handgun Blueprint with Cobalt Tracers
  • Ivy Blood AR Blueprint with Malachite Tracers
  • Virescent Steel Shotgun Blueprint with Malachite Tracers
  • Growling Guardian Charm
  • Jump to Conclusions Operator Highlight Intro – Vanguard Exclusive
  • Animus Intent Calling Card
  • Rabid Mongrel Emblem
  • 5000 COD Points
Hell Hounds Tracker Pack Warzone

The COD Points alone would cost you $39.99. So if you’re looking to pick up the Mechagodzilla Operator Skin Bundle, then this is the way to go. You’ll even have COD points left over to purchase the Breath of Godzilla Blueprint.

Leaving you with two fantastic-looking weapons since the Hell Hounds Tracer Pack has the Gatekeeper SMG. A gun that pays homage to Hade’s terrifying guard dogs.

So if you’re thinking about stocking up on COD Points and trying out new weapons during Warzone Operation Monarch, the Hell Hounds Mastercraft Tracer Pack is the way to go.

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