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Warzone Is Overrun By Hackers & Cheaters in Flying Cars

Somehow Warzone hackers and cheaters have now got access to a fleet of deadly flying cars. This is starting to get ridiculous!

Cheating has been a problem in Warzone ever since it launched with aimbot and wallhacks being common in Verdansk, Rebirth Island, and Caldera.

Despite Warzone getting the brand-new RICOCHET anti-cheat system, hackers have been on the rise in the new map. And now they’re using an insanely powerful new cheat.

A very strange and increasingly common method hackers and cheaters are using to win involves flying cars. You couldn’t make this up!

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Flying Car Hackers Are Ruining Warzone

Now that Warzone aimbotters do reduced damage, hackers have had to turn to other methods to win games. Unfortunately, flying cars might be even more powerful!

Many players on the Warzone subreddit have reported some vehicles flying high in the sky in Caldera. No, it’s not Warzone’s massively overpowered planes – it is cars and ATVs they’ve been spotting!

Hackers have previously used flying motorbikes in Warzone but this cheat has become extremely common over the past couple of days.

In case you’re one of the lucky few who haven’t seen flying cars in Warzone recently, they are actually even more deadly than they sound. One touch from these vehicles speeding through the skies and you’re going on a trip to the Gulag.

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One particularly ridiculous example shows a hacker surfing on the bonnet of a flying car and using an aimbot to snipe players from high up in the sky.

With cheats like this, it’s no wonder that many Warzone players are completely quitting the game until the problems are fixed.

Let’s hope that Warzone developer Raven Software notices these flying car hackers and cheaters and bans them. Or, even better, makes some improvements to RICOCHET to stop players from doing it in the first place.

Players will be desperately hoping that the delay to the Warzone Season 2 release date comes with some fixes for anti-cheat in the game.

Meanwhile, fans of the game are worried about the future of the series following Microsoft’s huge acquisition of Activision. Here’s what to expect for the future of Call of Duty under Microsoft.

Additionally, Sony has also weighed in on the matter. But will Call of Duty stay on PS4 and PS5 or could it become an Xbox exclusive series?

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Christy Garmin

Friday 21st of January 2022

The site released the Warzone hack with flying cars.