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Warzone Is “A Nightmare” For Casual Players – August 2021

Casual Warzone players are calling the game “a nightmare” to play at the moment, but why is the game so unenjoyable for many fans right now?

If you’ve played Warzone over the past few weeks, you’ll know that the game isn’t in a great state. Although, there are still millions of players enjoying the game right now.

Despite this, more casual fans of the game are really struggling to enjoy the game for a number of reasons. This includes the well-documented hacker problem, as well as the game becoming increasingly difficult.

It’s not just casual players who don’t enjoy Warzone anymore though. Top Warzone streamer NICKMERCS has quit the game to play Apex Legends instead.

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Casual Warzone Players Can’t Enjoy The Game Anymore

It won’t be news to many fans that plenty of Warzone players have been quitting the game in recent weeks. However, the discontent seems to be spreading further than initially thought.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit says all of the reasons why casual Warzone players are losing interest in the game. This post even has over 1100 upvotes at the time of writing.

The main reason why casual Warzone players, who only play the game every now and then, are quitting the game is down to the major hacking problem. Cheaters have taken over Warzone in the last few weeks.

However, even without hackers, Warzone is getting more difficult. This is due to a lot of the casual player base dropping off, and so only the hardcore fans are left.

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“Battle Royale is just a nightmare at the moment, the difficulty level is through the roof. This is making the game very difficult for casual/part time players like myself and my teammates.”

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The hackers and increasing difficulty create a dangerous cycle that is harming the game and causing casual Warzone players to quit. More Warzone players are resorting to hacking because the game is getting harder.

Additionally, the current ‘no recoil’ meta of Cold War guns doesn’t help casual players either. As very few Modern Warfare guns are still viable, this means that casual players who don’t have time to level up new guns are at a huge disadvantage.

Hopefully, all of the new Warzone Season 5 content brings more players back to the game, making it a better experience for casual Warzone players.

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Call of Duty Warzone Mid-Season Event in Season 5

Meanwhile, Warzone is getting a brand new ‘Rush’ Gulag in the next update. Long-time Call of Duty fans will love this!

Finally, the upcoming Warzone Season 5 event could bring more casual players back to the game. Check out the latest leak for the Season 5 Warzone ‘Numbers’ event.

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