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Warzone Fans Want Iron Trials LTM to Stay Forever

Warzone has a new Limited Time Mode and fans want Iron Trials to stay in the game forever.

The verdict is in: Iron Trials ’84 is a hit! The hardcore game mode makes some much-needed changes to the Battle Royale and adds a whole new level of strategy to Activision’s shooter.

In case you haven’t seen, here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s Iron Trials game mode!

Interestingly, rumor has it that Iron Trials is a precursor for the leaked Warzone Ranked mode. This exciting addition could aim to raise Warzone’s skill ceiling and reduce SBMM in standard matchmaking.

Iron Trials '84
(Source: Activision)

And there are even some insane new [REDACTED] weapons in Iron Trials that are better than any loadout!

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Warzone Iron Trials Should Be a Permanent Mode

Warzone’s Iron Trials is proving to be incredibly popular already, and fans want it to stay.

Right now, there’s only a little while longer to experience Warzone’s Iron Trials ’84 game mode. The popular Season 5 LTM won’t remain in the game forever, so drop in and experience it while you can!

But while we don’t have an exact end date for Iron Trials, it seems that Warzone fans want it to stay forever. A popular post on the CODWarzone subreddit appears to sum up player reactions to the mode right now:

“This game mode is really something man,” user Excellent_Pass3746 writes. “The increased TTK is so refreshing, there’s actually a skill gap. I can actually feel when I’m the better player and outplay someone. This needs to stay.”

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(Source: Activision)

And they’re not the only user that agrees with the sentiment, it seems. Other commenters voice their feelings about the mode, confirming that this is what they want to see from a Ranked Warzone game mode.

Making it harder to get your loadout, combined with the removal of Dead Silence raise the skill gap significantly. On top of that, a larger health pool and sniper nerfs allows players to react to incoming fire and reset the gunfights.

Of course, Warzone fans don’t have a great track record with demanding their favorite LTM modes stay in the game!

But not all fans love Iron Trials quite so much.

Iron Trials Is Too Hard for Casual Warzone players

Iron Trials is certainly not the mode for casual players. With a higher TTK, players find it much harder to secure a quick kill, and casual players are struggling.

This is the exact opposite issue that we can see in Vanguard’s extremely low TTK which benefits casual fans. In general, the longer a gunfight goes on, the more it benefits a high-skill player, after all.

Lately though, we’ve been seeing Warzone lag and connection issues ruining games in all modes.

And on top of that, it seems that Warzone hackers are now playing Iron Trials too.

And cheaters are present in the Vanguard Beta right now as well.

We can only hope that the upcoming Warzone anti-cheat will be enough to fix these issues.

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