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Warzone Invisible Wall Stops Player From Getting an Easy Kill

This unlucky Warzone player had a kill stolen from him by an invisible wall.

Warzone players have enough problems as it is. Between the cheaters and all of the glitches, it is already hard to get kills and wins.

However, this unlucky Warzone player was stopped by something even more frustrating: an invisible wall.

warzone gas ghost

Warzone Weapon Glitch?

A new clip from Reddit shows an unlucky Warzone player who seems to be shooting blanks. Luckily he also wasn’t suffering from a glitch that makes crosshairs and reticles disappear too.

The clip shows a player shooting straight at an enemy, but getting only a couple of hitmarkers. The player’s aim seemed to be accurate too, and he should have hit the enemy a number of times.

However, an eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that it may not have been the gun that was the problem. In fact, it was an invisible wall that caused this Warzone player to miss so many shots.

There’s no other explanation for the missed shots. He wasn’t using this broken Bullfrog Blueprint that players are calling “pay to lose”.

This also couldn’t be to do with a recent glitch that plagued Warzone for ages, which made hitmarkers delayed or not register at all. Luckily, this and a load of other glitches were fixed in the latest Warzone update.

Warzone Forest Spirit Skin

Invisible Wall in Warzone

He, and many other players, have apparently experienced invisible walls around that area of the map and specifically with the small ridges.

The commenter points out that the gun, therefore, wasn’t firing blanks. The player was, in fact, probably just shooting at an invisible wall that stopped the bullets from hitting the target.

Even if the weapons aren’t glitched like initially thought, Warzone developer Raven still needs to fix the invisible walls in Verdansk.


Meanwhile, Warzone players have loads of new content to look forward to. Here is everything coming in Warzone Season 2.

Warzone YouTuber JGOD has also done some testing to find the best vehicle in Warzone. Although many players won’t be able to hop in a helicopter with their buddies thanks to this frustrating Warzone friends list glitch.

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