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Warzone Invisibility Glitch Forces Developer to Remove Game Mode

The new invisibility glitch in Warzone has ruined the game for many players. Now the developer has had to remove a game mode because of it.

Battle Royale games are all about winning. So it’s not surprising that players will use any means to win, even resorting to cheating.

Many players use cheat software like aimbots or wallhacks. However, the invisibility glitch in Warzone is a cheat that many players have been using to ruin games without even installing any hacks.

This is why Warzone developer Raven has decided to remove the game mode the invisibility glitch can be done in.

Warzone Armored Royale

Invisibility Glitch Removed?

To combat the ridiculous amount of players using the invisibility glitch in the Warzone game mode, Raven has decided to remove Armored Royale for the time being.

This is a shame for players who were looking forward to playing Armored Royale after it made a triumphant return. It is a much sillier version of Warzone battle royale with reinforced armored trucks.

Therefore, many players were looking forward to playing the mode as a change of pace. However, this didn’t go as planned.

Almost as soon as players hopped into a game of Armored Royale, they worked out how to become invisible. This made the returning Warzone mode totally unplayable as every game would have at least one invisibility glitcher.

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Therefore, Raven announced that the game mode will be removed from Warzone until the invisibility glitch is fixed. Hopefully Raven will start to remove broken things from Warzone in the future.

Raven Software Twitter

There have also been a number of changes in the latest Warzone update – version 1.31. Firstly, there have been a number of stealth changes to some of Warzone’s most popular guns.

Players are also complaining that Warzone’s hitmarkers are now totally broken after the update and that they can no longer get blueprints for completing Warzone’s Easter Eggs.

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