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Warzone Invisibility Glitch Is Back – How Are Players Turning Invisible?

A new clip has revealed that an invisibility glitch is back in Warzone again.

Glitches have been a major problem in Warzone since the game launched last year. Warzone developer Raven has fixed most of the glitches, but some bugs appear again and again.

This isn’t the first time that Warzone players have been able to turn invisible and it most likely won’t be the last.

Warzone Train Station

New Warzone Invisibility Glitch

Players thought that Warzone developer Raven had fixed the invisibility glitch once and for all, after invisible players totally ruined the Armored Royale game mode.

However, a new clip from Reddit shows a Warzone player coming up against an invisible opponent.

On first viewing, nothing particularly strange seems to be going on. Although, on close inspection of the Warzone clip, it’s almost certain that the enemy was using an invisibility glitch.

The clip shows a player being shot and killed in Verdansk’s Storage Town. His teammate calls out that there is someone on the buy station, but the player can’t see him.

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Warzone Forest Spirit Invisible Skin

Then a player shoots him out of nowhere. This could have just been visibility issues, but the gameplay after his death reveals that the enemy was most likely using a new invisibility glitch in Warzone.

After the player has been eliminated, he can see footsteps going over his body to pick up his loot. However, the is no sign of the player who is making the footsteps.

Enemies aren’t the only invisible thing annoying players. Warzone’s invisible walls are also stopping players from getting easy kills.

It is not known yet how this player became invisible, but Warzone players will be hoping that the method of this invisibility glitch doesn’t spread. If more players find out how to do it, then it could ruin Warzone.

DirtyCro Reddit

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Additionally, Warzone leakers believe that “the end of Verdansk” is coming very soon, which could see a nuke being dropped.

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