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Warzone Infinite Stim Glitch Is Back Again – March 2021

The infamous infinite stim glitch is back in Warzone again, just a couple of weeks after everyone thought it had been fixed forever.

Warzone has had more than its fair share of glitches since it released just over a year ago. Most of them have been fixed, but there is one that keeps returning again and again.

You’ve guessed it – the infinite stim glitch is back in Warzone again.

warzone gas ghost

New Infinite Stim Glitch in Warzone

Raven Software thought that they had finally fixed the infinite stim glitch once and for all in a recent update. However, just a couple of weeks later it is back again.

This is a glitch that lets players get an infinite amount of tactical equipment. Players could use this to get an infinite amount of stun or smoke grenades, but most players use it to get a never-ending supply of stimshots.

This is because it let them stay in the gas forever to get easy wins. Players could just use a stim repeatedly to stop the gas from killing them.

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Luckily, this is not possible anymore as the gas damage increases over time. However, Warzone players are still able to stay in the gas with infinite stims for around 40 seconds which should be enough for most players to get the win.

Another fix for the stim exploit isn’t the only thing players are demanding. These are the huge improvements Warzone fans want before Season 3.

We won’t be sharing how to do the infinite stim glitch as it is better that players do not find out the method. Although, it is important to raise awareness of this bug so that Raven fixes it quickly.

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Let’s also hope that Raven addresses this huge problem in Warzone that is worse than ever.

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Meanwhile, the infinite stim glitch is the least of Warzone players’ problems as new Dev Errors are kicking players out of matches. This why so many players are demanding that Ravens adds a rejoin feature to Warzone.

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