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Warzone Player Uses Incredible Train Drop Tactic for Easy Kills

A Warzone player has performed a great strat to take out some enemies on Verdansk's train.

Warzone players have been discovering new strategies to secure wins in Verdansk evr since Warzone kicked off.

It's a huge map with a lot of secrets under the hood, and players are still finding new strategies to help them in-game.

Call of Duty Warzone Train Drop Kill
Call of Duty Warzone

A good amount of new tactics have been discovered recently by curious Warzone players. One fan has found a way to run up the dam, and another has found a genius strategy to pure Fire Tower campers.

But one player has found a brilliant new Warzone train drop tactic to take out enemies with ease.

Warzone Player's Brilliant Train Jump Tactic

A Warzone player has posted a clip of his brilliant kills on the CoD Warzone subreddit. It sees them and their teammate on the Verdansk train, as they enter a tunnel.

They're engaged in a firefight with another pair of players, closer to the back end of the train. As the train enters the tunnel, the players are firing at their enemies further behind them.

After taking fire, the player in the clip jumps down from their elevated position to recover. It's then they get the idea for their plan of execution.

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They jump off the train and run to a nearby spot hidden behind a wall in the tunnel. Their enemies can't see them, as they haven't yet entered the tunnel.

Call of Duty Warzone Train Drop Kill
Call of Duty Warzone

They wait until their enemies appear, pushing forward to meet where they think the player is. To their surprise, they're met by a hail of gunfire from the sneaky player behind them. They're both downed, wiping their whole team from the game.

It's a great clip boasting a clever early-game strategy for those recently dropping onto the train. Who knows- it could spur the Warzone train drop to become a formally recognized tactic.

Fun clips like this are what's keeping the Warzone community alive, what with all the glitches and bugs ruining the game. Glitches are making reticles disappear, and one bug has given a player accidental wallhacks.

Thankfully, the new update is coming soon to give the game a little more content to play with. Here's everything you need to know ready for Warzone Season Two.

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