Call of Duty Warzone ‘Hunting the Enemy’ Intel Mission Locations | Season 4 Week 2

The Season 4 Week 2 Intel Mission is now available, so to give you a little extra help we have compiled a guide on how to complete it. Here are all of the Call of Duty Warzone ‘Hunting the Enemy’ Intel Mission locations.

At the start of Season 4, Infinity Ward introduced a new type of mission to Warzone. These new missions are called Intel Missions.

While they release on a weekly basis, you’ll have plenty of chance to retrieve some additional XP.

They offer players the chance to learn a little more about the world of Verdansk, and you can also gain some extra XP to level up in the process.

Please bear in mind that you can complete these missions in both Plunder and Battle Royale, although you are limited to collecting one piece of intel per match. However, if you wish to complete the objectives as soon as possible you can simply leave the game and go into another.

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While you can respawn as many times as necessary in Plunder, it should be easier to complete these missions in that mode.

How to Complete Hunting the Enemy Intel Mission in Warzone

The official description for this mission reads “begin the the hunt for Zakhaev.”

  1. Find the location in the message Ghost sent you: You’ll need to head over to the Azure Swimming Pool. Make your way to the second floor and you’ll find a Golden Ghost Coin located on top of a shelf.
  2. SIGINT was relayed from Airport military wing: For the next piece of intel, you’ll need to go over to the Airport Runway. From there, head over to one of the cabins as highlighted in the image below, where there should be one bit of intel located on top of a desk next to a computer screen.
  3. Communication interference tracked to Western bunker: Go to bunker #3, which is located South West of Storage Town. Head into the bunker via the trap door on the side and go straight to the computer on the left-hand side.
  4. An enemy laptop could supply intel: Equip Spotter to your custom loadout. This intel mission should be easier to complete in Plunder since you start with your custom loadout anyway. Regardless, head over to the exact same location as mission #3 to collect the next piece of intel.
  5. A meeting took place downtown: This mission is located right in the middle of Downtown. The intel should be on a whiteboard in one of the buildings. Don’t worry, we’ve marked this location in the image below to help you.
  6. The enemy wants to catch a train: Head over to the Train Station in Verdansk. From there, as the clue hints towards, you’ll want to get close to the timetable of the trains. You’ll then be able to collect the final piece of intel.
Call of Duty Warzone 'Hunting the Enemy' Intel Mission Locations
Call of Duty Warzone ‘Hunting the Enemy’ Intel Mission Locations

The very last intel clue, number 7, shows an image of the train timetable.

Interestingly, this weeks set of intel missions appear to have a heavy emphasis on trains.

Could this be a hint to a future event in Call of Duty Warzone? We’ll have to wait and see…

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