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Warzone Will Get Huge Mid-Year Content Updates

A leak has revealed that Warzone players can expect huge content updates more regularly from now on.

Warzone is a great battle royale game that millions of players enjoy, but it does have a few problems. Especially recently, many players have complained about the lack of new content updates for Warzone.

However, a new leak suggests that this could change soon.

Leaker Reveals Warzone Content Updates

While players have experienced both the Cold War integration as well as the recent zombie invasion of Verdansk in recent times, this isn’t enough content to satisfy fans of the game. Many players are even angry at the zombie Outbreak event in Warzone.

However, players will be glad to hear that Warzone will get a new map with every new Call of Duty game.

warzone season 2

Additionally, reliable videogames leaker Tom Henderson has now revealed even more information about future content updates for Warzone. He said:

“Warzone will have massive mid-year updates moving forward. Sledgehammer Games’ map isn’t due to drop until this time next year and there might be delays to the weapon integrations like we saw with BOCW.”

Tom Henderson

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Therefore, fans of the game can expect Warzone to have more huge content updates coming to the game regularly. The next of which will probably be with Warzone Season 3, which starts very soon.

Season 3 should kick off with the destruction of Verdansk by a nuke in the leaked Plague game mode. Players may then drop into an entirely new map – check out the first image of the new Warzone map here.

warzone zombies leaving shipwreck

Meanwhile, all of the future zombie spawn locations in Warzone have leaked early. Find out where you’ll be fighting the undead soon.

Hopefully, the next content update for Warzone will also bring a nerf to the most overpowered gun in the game. There needs to be some big weapon balancing changes.

Zombies fans will also want to know everything coming in the next major update for Outbreak.

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