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Warzone: How to Unlock All Modern Warfare Operators From Multiplayer

Warzone players can unlock 6 different operators from just playing Modern Warfare multiplayer – here’s how you can do it!

With Warzone having content from Modern War, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard now, there are almost 100 different operators to choose from.

However, the Modern Warfare operators are still the coolest and plenty of players still haven’t unlocked all the ones from completing challenges in MW’s Multiplayer. This is great if you fancy using some new skins but don’t want to buy an expensive one in the COD store.

Buying skins has caused plenty of ‘pay-to-win’ Warzone skin complaints in the past. Not only have some operators been hard to spot but there have been completely invisible skins in Warzone!

Luckily, there are actually 6 different Warzone operators that you can unlock by just completing simple challenges in Modern Warfare multiplayer. Here are all of the challenges and which operators you can unlock for free by completing them!

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Modern Warfare Verdansk Stadium Gunfight Map

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Challenges For Warzone Operators

There are 6 different Modern Warfare operators that you can unlock in Warzpme by completing various in-game challenges.

While players may have already unlocked these operators by purchasing skins or through the Modern Warfare battle passes, plenty haven’t. There are also operators that can be unlocked through the campaign and Spec Ops but getting these is as simple as completing all of the missions.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Games of Summer Event Advertised in Stadium

Here are all of the Modern Warfare multiplayer operators you can unlock to use in Warzpme and their challenges:

  • Charly – Complete 25 Public Matches
  • Domino – Win 5 matches of Gunfight
  • Grinch – Get 100 Headshot Kills
  • Kreuger – Execute 25 Finishing Moves
  • Minotaur – Get 300 Assault Rifle Kills
  • Raines – Get 500 Light Machine Gun Kills

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Good luck unlocking all of these Warzone operators – it might take a while but it’ll be worth it! Although, if you want a classic Modern Warfare operator like Soap MacTavish in Warzone, you’ll need to buy them from the store.

Raines Operator Warzone

In other news, if you prefer Call of Duty in a current-day setting, this year will be huge for you.

In addition to finally revealing the Modern Warfare 2 logo, Infinity Ward has promised “groundbreaking innovations” in the Warzone 2 reveal later this year!

Additionally, a leaker has revealed what the map in the Warzone sequel will be like. Apparently, Warzone 2 will have an MW2-themed desert map which sounds exactly what fans want!

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