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Warzone – How to Hold Your Breath Longer Using Broken Sniper Perk

This broken sniper perk in Warzone lets players hold their breath for way longer – up to a whole minute.

Snipers are some of the most popular weapons in Warzone at the moment. However, they are even more powerful than players thought.

One broken weapon perk, in particular, makes sniper rifles way more accurate. This is because it lets players hold their breath for a whole minute and have zero weapon sway.

Warzone Sniper

Best Sniper Attachments in Warzone

In his new video, YouTuber JGOD tested many different attachments for Modern Warfare sniper rifles in Warzone. This helped him find the totally broken perk that lets Warzone players hold their breath for longer.

Warzone sniper copes are also still broken. Find out how to get zero scope glint in Warzone.

There are 4 attachments that all players should use for their snipers in Warzone. The Monolithic Suppressor, the longest barrel available, a Tac Lazer, and a scope.

SP-R 208 Warzone Sniper

However, the 5th attachment has been up to debate. This is until JGOD made his discovery about a perk that lets Warzone players hold their breath for way longer.

If you’re a fan of sniper rifles in Warzone, be sure to check out the best sniper loadout for Warzone Season 1.

JGOD’s testing to find the best 5th attachment for Warzone sniper rifles ended with a very interesting discovery. One sniper rifle perk is now completely broken and lets you hold your breath for a whole minute.

This isn’t the only weapon attachment that has been secretly changed. Raven buffed these popular Warzone guns with stealth changes.

How to Hold Your Breath Longer in Warzone

Holding your breath while aiming with a sniper scope removes all weapon sway. Usually, players can only hold their breath for 4.5 seconds before they have to exhale, making your aim shake a lot for a couple of seconds.

However, JGOD found that the Presence of Mind perk increases breath holding time up to a whole minute. This is over 10x as long as usual and lets players set up perfect sniper headshots easily.

Presence of Mind now lets Warzone players hold their breath for much longer than it should. It is supposed to double the breath-holding time up to 9 seconds, rather than increase it by over 10x.

Make sure to use this perk before Raven nerfs it. It could help take your snipes to the next level.

JGOD YouTube

Meanwhile, a leak has revealed all of the weapons coming in Warzone Season 2.

A Warzone player has also found a blueprint for the unreleased Sykov pistol in-game. This is in addition to Modern Warfare’s new LMG, the RAAL MG, that players have been able to use early.

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