The long-awaited Champion’s Quest has arrived back in Warzone, as players in Urzikstan can drop a nuke on the location.

Dropping this bomb won’t be easy. First, your squad will need to complete a task in order to unlock this hidden objective.

Don’t worry, as we have all the details on how exactly to complete the Champion’s Quest on Urzikistan. You will even unlock a new Operator skin for doing so.

How to Get Champion’s Quest in Urzikstan

To get the Champions’s Quest in Urzikstan, you must earn tokens by completing one of the following objectives:

  • Win 30 games total within a season
  • Win 5 matches in a row

Additionally, you can only hold one Champion’s Quest token at a time.

Champion's Quest Wins

This is different from Al Mazrah, where the only way to get the Champion’s Quest was to secure five battle royale wins in a row.

Once you have completed the above task, you should see the Champion’s Quest contracts on your next match.

Grab the contract in-game, and now you are ready to start detonating a nuclear weapon upon the other Operators. Here is how:

How to Complete Champion’s Quest in Urzikstan

To complete the Champion’s Quest in Urzikstan, you will have to acquire three elements after picking up the quest contract.

From here, the nuclear bomb will drop into the map, and you must place them inside. Then, you will activate the countdown and protect it from being defused. Once the timer reaches zero, the nuke will go off.

How to Start Contract

To start the Champion’s Quest contract, after completing the win requirements, you will have to open your map and locate the contract shown by the icon below.

This location will be random. Head to where it is shown on the map, and pick it up like any regular contract to begin the quest.

Champion's Contract Quest
Credit: Lulla

How to Find Elements

  • Beryllium
    • Head to the marked location for the geiger counter
    • Once collected, the rough area of the Beryllium will show on the map
    • Now, head to the location
    • Use the geiger counter to pinpoint the exact spot of the element
    • You will find it inside a yellow loot crate
    • Holding this element will permanently mark you on the map for all players
How to Complete Champion’s Quest - Beryllium location
Credit: Westie
  • Plutonium
    • You will find this element in a safe, shown on the map by a golden safe icon
    • Head to the location and start drilling it open
    • Defend it from any other Operators, and once it has opened, collect the Plutonium
    • Holding this element will deal constant damage and eat away at your armor and health
How to Complete Champion’s Quest - Plutonium
Credit: Lulla
  • Tritium
    • The final element can be found by shooting down the nuclear helicopter
    • This will spawn randomly on the map and is marked by a golden helicopter icon
    • Once the chopper has been taken down, a crate containing the Tritium will drop
    • Holding this element will give you a counter UAV effect and scramble your mini-map
Shoot down the helicopter Champion's Quest
Credit: Westie

With all three elements acquired, the bomb site will drop from the sky. Be careful, as having all three elements will initiate a jailbreak! This means all dead Operators who are spectating will be brought back to life.

Wait for the site to reach the ground, insert the elements, and arm it. Now, you must defend it for two minutes and make sure nobody defuses.

Champion's Quest Arm the Nuke
Credit: Westie

Champion’s Quest Reward

For completing the Champion’s Quest in Urzikstan, you will unlock:

  • Meltdown 240 Corso Skin
Credit: BBreadman
  • Number 1 Emblem
  • Dangerous Material Emblem
Credit: Westie
  • Big Boom Calling Card
Big Boom Calling Card
Credit: Westie
  • Acerbic Roil Camo
  • Atomic Weapon Charm
  • Warning: Nuke Sticker
  • Nuke Crew Large Decal
Weapon Rewards for Nuke
Credit: Westie

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